From prototype to production

ion is a manufacturing software platform that engineers and technicians trust for speed, collaboration, and real-time visibility.


Factory Operating System
for complex manufacturing

Powering next-generation manufacturers with modern software applications


Manage and optimize your production workflows and quickly respond to changes from the production floor.

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Trace parts as they come in to the front door, through multiple assemblies, and to your customer with a detailed as-built record of your product.

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Design Engineering

Don’t just provide inputs to manufacturing and cross your fingers. See how ion gives you a continuous feedback loop and rich data. Continuously improve your design with realtime data to meet timelines and stay ahead of the competition.


Shifts, workcenters, BOMs, issue dispositions, and work instructions are always changing. Learn how ion helps you manage the chaos and keep your team productive and producing great product.

Supply Chain

21st century supply chain isn’t just about auditing parts coming in and washing your hands. Learn how ion helps you build a robust supply chain by using data coming off of your manufacturing line to drive quality fixes and build great relationships with your suppliers.

Unleash your potential

We built ion to be scalable, flexible and robust—a platform to empower today's builders and propel the world  forward as you build a brighter tomorrow.