You deserve better
Manufacturing software

Eliminate manual data capture. Gain visibility and efficiency to build faster.

You deserve better
Manufacturing software

Connect your teams, machines and processes with ION.

You deserve better
Manufacturing software

ION is thoughtfully designed to provide instant value.
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We are solving manufacturer's biggest challenges

As a technology company with deep roots in complex hardware manufacturing we are delivering a new standard in production software. Forward-thinking organizations use ION to accelerate and optimize their production processes from prototyping to production.

ION Factory OS

ION is designed for data - the factory operating system that is a new standard in building physical products. It provides manufacturing teams insight into their production. It simplifies processes with visual guided work plans, API and SDKs to integrate with existing systems and capture and analyze real-time production data. As a result, ION accelerates scalability and agility regardless of scale with ease.
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ION Enhances

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ION’s powerful aBOM (as-built of materials) model keeps unparalleled traceability as you build parts, upgrade parts, and go through servicing workflows. All of your process data comes along with the aBOM to help you answer tough questions – fast.
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Capture rich data from the factory floor while being confident in having the latest procedures on the factory floor. Issues (non-conformance) tracking allows you to keep tabs on deviations and get to a resolution.
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ION is built for teams looking to move quickly and accurately. With reviews and sign-offs, notifications, and real-time updates across all features, you will always have the latest production information at your fingertips.
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Unparalleled traceability in (ION) allows you to achieve quality and security certification. Get the information you need to certify your operation and hardware with regulators and customers.
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ION allows you to describe complex manufacturing processes with an easy-to-use editor and workflow builder. Additionally, its low-code interfaces enable you to define validation criteria that show up in the manufacturing process.
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Supply Chain
Manage inventory, purchase parts, and send components into the manufacturing process within the same system. Supply chain specialists can manage suppliers and ensure high quality using rich data from the factory floor.
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Technicians + Operators
ION's Execution interface is built for technicians and operators. It is an easy-to-use interface to move through step by step. Plus, capture comments, attach files, and share feedback quickly within your workflow.
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ION Analytics creates a standard interface for your analysts to quickly pull data, build reports, and signal high-level issues directly to managers and bottom-line business owners.
         ION is really extraordinary software, it’s like art
Daudi Barnes,

Seamless integration from prototype to production with ion

Powering companies building electric airplanes, rockets, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing robotics, and more. It is used by manufacturers of all sizes – from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500s – to connect parts, complex supply chains, and advanced machinery. Manufacturers build with ION to solve the world’s biggest problems in climate, transportation, and energy.
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Industry-Grade Security

The simplicity of SaaS (software-as-a-service) backed by top of the line security. Manufacturers can now stay secure and compliant with our deployment options - standard, compliant cloud, and on-premise.
         We want our engineers to interact with the data from day one and ION allows that. With ION, data collection occurs in the background, allowing the operator to focus on the work being done
- Industrial Engineer, Epirus


ION Factory OS is pushing the industry forward, equipping advanced manufacturers with a digital thread — connecting engineering, parts, and production data across complex operations in the cloud. Safely. Securely.

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We are removing barriers by providing tools to improve collaboration, move information more freely, and use the power of data to deliver insights that result in better hardware quality, delivery, and traceability. Discover it for yourself.
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