The ION OS platform is designed for next generation hardware manufacturers that require rapid, iterative, and data-driven manufacturing. Replace your legacy manufacturing execution system with the choice that today's most innovative companies are using to build sophisticated world-changing products.

Increase the speed of delivery and iterate in parallel to gain a competitive edge. ION improves timelier decisions by enabling real-time insights from your factory floor's data. Simplify processes for technicians with visual guided work plans, and step-by-step instructions. Leverage our flexible API to integrate ION with your existing systems for exponential productivity gains.


The ION Operating System (OS) connects every part of the factory to meet the dynamic needs of high-precision hardware development. Gain unparalleled insight and execution flexibility to build and iterate on products faster. A powerful MES platform that instantly adapts and morphs to complex manufacturing environments, ION is designed with the nuance and dynamics of iterative production in mind, enabling manufacturing floors to be dynamic entities that can adapt in real-time to evolving needs.

The ION OS Platform was developed with a focus on connecting the engineers designing hardware with the technicians building hardware. We aim to solve the old-age misalignment between design engineering and manufacturing operators by bringing them closer together for tighter collaboration during the process.


Execute faster, plan better, forecast with precision, ensure quality, and increase visibility into your factory’s performance.
  • Optimize collaboration:  Open up communication between the engineering team and the technicians responsible for the build. Set up step-by-step visualizations for every stage of the process. Empower operators to tag engineers with feedback and suggest adjustments in real-time through ping notifications.
  • Optimize resources: Automate planning for data-backed assurance that you have everything you need for flawless execution before you begin building. Enter your delivery date and use backward scheduling to identify when to place your orders with suppliers and line up the labor resources you'll need. Let the data tell you which steps you can do in parallel and which ones need to be serialized because of dependencies.
  • Optimize iterations: Make improvements while you build by updating work instructions in real-time across the production floor. Is there a better tool for that step in the process? An engineer is instantly notified of the suggestion and can update the instructions swiftly. Easily uncover bottlenecks and waste across every workcenter and supply chain node.
  • Optimize outcomes: Use objective data to align teams around key outcomes to measure progress and gain confidence that you're going to make delivery deadlines and maintain profitability.



Define, describe, and visualize complex processes so your technicians can build more efficiently. Increase collaboration between assembly and engineering so you can iterate as you go with confidence that every adjustment has been captured in real-time with robust and detailed version control.

Automate THE planning PROCESS

Automate the manual tasks involved with monitoring inventory, scheduling and assessing supply chain needs. Automatically generate work orders, purchase orders, and allocate resources to meet demand to eliminate wasted time, materials, and resources.

Operations analysis

Identify root causes impacting slow production rates, quality concerns, and escalating costs. Understand downtime at a high level or dig in to get granular on what's causing delays and setbacks. Understand the complete cost of your finished build (ABOM), from the parts and labor to everything in between, and gain a full picture of your ROI.

As built-traceability

Track every single activity across the product lifecycle from who worked on the build, when they worked on it, which tools were used, and which vendor's parts down to the serial number ended up in the ABOM. From supply chain to operation and service, get full visibility to more efficiently respond to recalls, defects, and more.


When you're building complex hardware, engineering needs to know right away if there's an issue during the assembly process, and ION OS makes it possible for the technician to submit questions, add digital notes, and raise concerns as they go.


Make ION your single source of truth when it comes to monitoring the data being generated across your facilities. Get out-of-the-box reporting plus the ability to fully customize the metrics you want to see. Continuously collect, analyze and customize data from all data points across the whole product life cycle to identify cost-saving strategies, eliminate waste, and increase your bottom line.

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Long, expensive bloated implementation timelines belong in the past. Deploy ION across your organization in just a few weeks with First Resonance's knowledgeable customer success team. In just 30 minutes, you can produce a complete set of work instructions and begin collecting accurate factory floor data the same day. 

< 30 minutes

To produce a complete set of work instructions

< 6 hours

To collect real-time and accurate factory floor data

< 2 Weeks

To integrate ION with an ERP or PLM

< 30 days

For ION to supercharge your factory operations


ION addresses the fragmented snapshot provided by traditional manufacturing tools, creating a complete and robust living digital thread of all non-linear processes and knowledge work that underpins production.

Make ION Factory OS the heartbeat of your factory.

Highly customizable, flexible and extensible, ION is a modular platform that molds to complex manufacturing environments and evolves as your business evolves. 

Engineered for engineers and developed for developers, it's everything you need to set your factory up for success.


Supercharge gains in efficiency, time, and scalability. Designed for data and continuous improvement, ION is more than an MES.
Work instructions
Process data visually
Provides visibility across the production process
Track inventory
As-built traceability
Production analytics
Connectivity across the factory floor
Track non-conformance and corrective actions
Workcenter management
Production planning
BOM management
Financial accounting and management


ION uses our powerful API to seamlessly connect to traditional manufacturing tools (such as PLM, ERP, MRP, QMS). Whatever your factory is using, ION integrates and automates a bidirectional flow to enrich the digital thread to capture all activity.
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