Unleash aCCURACY. Plan with finesse.

ION Autoplan is First Resonance’s refreshing take on Material Resource Planning (MRP). Know exactly what your factory needs and when it’s needed. ION Autoplan automatically allocates your on-hand and pipeline inventory to where it’s needed most. Connect your supply chain and inventory to the factory floor to gain greater control into your production planning.

Leverage data backed assurance you’ve got everything you need to deliver products on time and on budget. Automate purchasing, production scheduling, supply chain, and inventory management processes to accelerate planning and execution. Draw data from existing production runs to dramatically increase efficiencies before your next iteration and build.


Most materials requirement planning (MRP) systems are slow and as a result, team members end up making decisions based on stale signals. With ION Autoplan, you get access to the real-time status of everything needed for a build so you can plan accordingly. Work backwards from your completion deadline to identify exactly what you’ll need, when you’ll need it, and forecast your delivery dates with refreshing precision.


Whether you're building rockets, electric boats, satellites, or some complex apparatus, your team needs to understand the product they're building and what it will take to deliver it. However, forecasting is complex and requires accurate internal data, which is where ION Autoplan comes in. Based on the inventory availability and capacity needed to build a product, ION Autoplan calculates a start date so you can set expectations across the organization.

    HIGHLIGHTED features

    Generate a data-backed factory schedule

    Never miss a beat. With ION Autoplan, you can generate a data-backed timeline for production based on all the tasks required and their dependencies, from materials inventory needs and machine readiness to technician availability and more.

    Put order creation on autopilot

    Schedule all of your customer orders, validate mBOMs and lead times based on material and resource availability -- down to every part on the purchase order or the status of a part you're building in-house -- then unleash ION Autoplan's signals to take action.

    Radically optimize planning with workflows

    Understand which tasks should be scheduled in which order to optimize for on-time delivery. Create streamlined workflows for repetitive steps and set up automatic alerts based on when you hit milestones. Schedule quality check points in between that require engineer approval that prevents technicians from moving to the next step before sign-off.

    Monitor production status in real-time

    Instantly see and monitor the exact status of the build at all times with automatic supply to meet demand. Know when the product will be ready to deliver based on what percentage of the process has been completed and the time it will take to finish.


    Boost throughput

    Enhance operational efficiency and improve order fulfillment cycle time. ION Autoplan continuously monitors and identifies bottlenecks at every juncture in the production process so you can make adjustments at the precise step where they are needed.

    Estimate critical path time

    Manage critical paths instead of getting blindsided by them. Unpredictable timelines create project volatility and increase risk and costs.  ION Autoplan takes everything into account -- from the steps and time required to resource availability, while factoring in dependencies -- to create a timeframe for getting from start to finish.


    Prep your kits before you begin your build to ensure you have enough inventory. Constrain inventory locations as “available” supply. Accommodate part substitutes. Drive demand from open kit requirements (instead of BOMs). This isn’t your grandfather’s quadrille paper MRP.

    plan orders according TO DATA

    Take control of production planning -- armed with data. End micro-management and status reporting from spreadsheet scavenger hunts. Rest assured that labor requirements are met, inventory is available, and is allocated to builds according to established timelines and delivery dates.

    Stay abreast of status changes

    Track the percentage completion progress of assemblies from inception to birth. As conditions change, run MRP again to identify any newfound anomalies, get a status update on sub-assemblies or newly delivered parts, and ION Autoplan will adjust the schedule for you.

    Automate supply allocation

    Automate supply allocation based on where it's needed most at any given time. With legacy manufacturing software solutions, you can't track a part once it has been allocated. Not the case with ION. MRP knows where every part is and can allocate supply -- even if it's already been kitted -- to the most high-priority project.

    ANIMATED autoplan video

    [Backwards scheduling of materials with dates and automated allocations]
    [Forecasting with estimated delivery dates and critical path]
    [Task list of items that Autoplan recommends to be ordered]


    We’re helping established and next-generation manufacturers to transform their factory operations. Regardless of your industry or complexity, our solutions and expertise are helping them accelerate their time to value and solve real-world challenges.
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    Projecting the delivery of a complex hardware product in a factory is challenging. It requires visibility into a multitude of moving parts. ION Autoplan is part of a modular software platform that enables a more open, flexible approach to building hardware products.

    Designed for engineers by engineers, ION is a Factory Operating System (OS) that reflects the nuances and dynamics of rapid iterative production. Shape how you work, what data you see, and how systems talk.

    Enhanced with execution optimization and production analysis with data-informed forecasting, the ION platform provides complete transparency and interoperability across your factory and supply chain.

    interconnect engineering, the factory floor & the supply chain

    ION seamlessly integrates with your existing and future software needs to automate the flow of data across your operations, eliminating second-guessing and needless double entry.

    Powerful API integration enables you to connect your traditional manufacturing tools (such as PLM, ERP, MRP, QMS), machines, and custom apps to create a living, rich digital thread that grows stronger and more impactful with every integration.
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    Allocate supply to its respective top level scheduled demand, from prototype to full-scale production


    ION Autoplan ensures you have everything you need before you start building, and reports on where there are gaps that need to be addressed. From inventory levels to technician resources and timelines, get a complete picture of what stands between you and the next build.

    Download this product overview to learn how ION Autoplan can start optimizing upstream processes.

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