Alternative Energy Manufacturing

Safely solve the challenges of climate change before it’s too late

Why Clean Energy Manufacturers Choose ION

Alternative energy manufacturers face a rising tide of challenges, ranging from stringent regulatory mandates and consumer safety concerns to environmental protection efforts, all impacting production processes. ION Factory OS helps companies in the development of groundbreaking nuclear and green energy innovations with tools that accelerate the production process while tracking every single detail of the production process to stay compliant.


  • Compliance Needs: ION Factory OS was developed to support everchanging regulations and the highest level of quality standards. Create custom dashboards and export any data sets based on auditors and regulatory body requirements.
  • Elevated Quality Measures: Reduce waste and catch quality issues earlier with an agile approach to production by setting up inspections at milestones throughout the manufacturing process. 
  • Traceability and Documentation: Use ION to track and document the history of components and materials from procurement to disposal. Follow the movement and use of materials within the manufacturing facility with control and accountability mechanisms. Diagnose root cause, pinpoint supplier issues, and respond to incidents swiftly.  
  • Supply Chain Quality: ION boosts the integrity of your supply chain by making it possible to flag potential defective or substandard components and materials, and trace them back through the supply chain.
  • Change Management: Manage modifications to production processes, equipment, materials, or procedures in ION. Merge changes into existing work instructions without disrupting production so you don’t lose precious time. 
  • Cybersecurity Measures: Prevent unauthorized access or sensitive information leaks with built-in robust cybersecurity measures to protect data and IP. 
  • Fully Integrated: ION Factory OS features a flexible, open API that makes it easy to connect your other software, machines, and specialized systems for facilitating automated data exchange and coordination across the shop floor. 
  • Long-Term Data Retention and Archiving: Retain and archive manufacturing data and documentation for the long term, in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

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