Illuminate your factory. Unleash your data.

Is your factory operating in darkness? Are your engineers, planners, buyers, and plant managers blindly feeling their way through idle work centers and mountains of stagnant inventory? You can't manage what you can't measure; it's time to turn the lights on!

If ION Factory OS is the nervous system of your factory, then ION Analytics is the third eye; a radically aware state of understanding the performance of your factory and the products it's producing.

Stop operating in darkness

Replace gut feelings, biases, and hunches with objective data drawn from all data points across teams, tools, machines and processes. ION Analytics product combines the latest in data science and cloud computing; presenting ION’s incredibly interconnected data model in an intuitive, powerful super tool. Answer pressing questions that would have taken hours, days, or weeks — in seconds — so you can pivot with minimal disruption in the middle of production, while still meeting aggressive timelines. 


At its core, ION Analytics is a production analytics tool for optimizing factory operations -- but the granularity you get is unmatched by other MES providers. With end-to-end visibility and traceability across the manufacturing line and supply chain, you can identify the root causes impacting slow production rates, quality, and costs. Unpack the cost of completed assemblies you’ve built from labor costs and installed components to get the all-in true cost of production.


    Get access to real-time production data

    ION Analytics seamlessly integrates into daily manufacturing workflows, making critical insights accessible to engineers, technicians, quality specialists, and finance professionals within the ION ecosystem. Visualize data in dynamic ways to faster identify bottlenecks, machine problems, inefficiencies, capacity issues, and priority areas to optimize.

    Leverage pre-built dashboards or create custom reports

    Save time with field-proven off-the-shelf dashboards based on each stakeholder's own specific needs and share them across the organization. Drag and drop custom views to shine light into every corner of your factory, or let your data scientists dream up their own reporting using custom attributes.

    Uncover trends to inform better decisions

    Turn suspicions (and anxiety) into deep, insightful, understanding. observe and eliminate the patterns behind bottlenecks, waste, non-conformance, and cost. Predict outcomes more accurately by getting access to time-to-build metrics (by individual or team), recurring inventory issues, and resource availability.

    Calculate as-built (aBOM) production costs

    aBOM stands for your as-built bill of materials and reflects how an assembly was actually built. Roll up costs of your aBOM from the lowest-level components up to the top level assemblies. Track and analyze all cost components associated with a build, including direct costs like raw materials and labor, as well as indirect costs such as overheads and administrative expenses.


    Identify bottlenecks BEFORE 

    See what’s slowing you down. Analyze resource efficiency by area or individual. Analyze parts that require process and design improvements. Monitor quality in real-time, expedite how quickly quality issues are addressed, and reduce the risk of defective products and costly recalls.

    Analyze the cost of any product built WITH ION

    Breakdown costs by suppliers or workcenter. See every detail of how a product was built (the aBOM) from who on the factory floor worked on it and their labor costs, to the cost of every part down to the serial number. Track whether parts were scrapped, used in the build, or swapped for other parts mid-process -- all the way back to the original purchase order.

    GET A Real time VIEW of the production floor

    Get everyone working from the same dataset. Schedule exports and notifications to whoever needs to be informed. Drill down to underlying data and export any element for deeper analysis. Filter, sort, and group parts to see how many are still in stock, how many are kitted, how many were installed, how many are part of products that have already been shipped.

    increase your PROFIT margin

     Create a foundation of managerial accounting. Understand the total cost of production to more effectively manage shop floor operations and adjust pricing to increase profitability. Understand recurring issues and notify responsible engineers so they can make cost-saving changes. Drive more efficiency by analyzing build speed and all-in cost. Make sure your labor hours for each individual or team are within range.


    ION Analytics aggregates and analyzes extremely large data sets to help factories thrive and compete. Reduce areas of high non-conformances, identify deficiencies, and increase the accountability of every team. Make data-driven adjustments to pricing, sourcing, and budget allocation to maximize margins.  


    Observe their material consequences of every decision you make. Determine whether you’ll hit scheduled dates,  who to hold accountable, your parts’ sloppy lead times

    Gain unparalleled visibility into your factory operations

    ION Analytics pulls real-time data from the shop floor and packages it up clean and neatly so that you can:
    Measure and compare production yield and output
    Understand cycle time across multiple builds
    Analyze labor hours to make a case for more training
    Improve procedure and part lead time for better planning
    Monitor inventory valuation by status
    Track expiring materials and plan for recertification
    Automate notifications for inventory replenishment

    tie up all the loose ends and connect them to ion

    ION pulls in real time data to create a living, rich digital thread that grows stronger and more impactful with every integration. ION seamlessly integrates with your existing tools to automate the flow of data across your operations. Powerful API integration enables you to connect your traditional manufacturing tools (such as PLM, ERP, MRP, QMS), machines and custom apps.

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    From teams on the ground to management and leadership, everyone wants more meaningful data and a better way to find and use it. Download this product overview to understand more about how ION Analytics is helping data-driven manufacturers build faster and with more reliability.

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