Unleash your builds. Execute at speed.

ION Factory OS is a manufacturing 4.0 software solution designed to help engineering and manufacturing teams execute complex hardware assembly fast and iterate as they go, without sacrificing quality.

From workflow automation and collaborative tools that connect technicians and engineers in real-time, to highly flexible APIs that make it possible to connect all the technology across your factory, ION is taking manufacturing execution systems to a new level that's centered around data. Untangle yourself from clunky, legacy tools and harness a lean, data-driven way of managing your builds.

Embrace an open and hyper-flexible approach to building hardware products

Designed for engineers by engineers, ION Factory OS mirrors the nuanced dynamics of rapid, iterative, advanced hardware manufacturing. ION supercharges builders with an interconnected data model that unleashes unprecedented possibilities for automations, integrations, notifications, guardrails, apps, and insights.

ION FACTORY OS sets a new standard in production software

Discrete complex manufacturing teams use ION Factory OS to build, iterate, and track changes from prototype through production. As you build with ION, your team is visually guided through step-by-step processes, capturing in-process data, redlines, and surfacing issues along the way.


    Build it digitally before you build it in real life

    Provide builders with step-by-step visualizations of what they're building so they have context and clarity. Define a complete set of tasks and procedures to accurately meet specifications for assemblies and sub-assemblies. Set milestones along the way for sign-off approval and quality assurance checks.

    Generate barcodes to track every tool and part

    Never lose track of inventory. Assign every part and tool a barcode to track physical inventory and tools across factory locations or within the same factory. New shipment arrival? Have your receiving team create barcodes for every part. Ready to start kitting? Scan the barcode to record its new location.

    Automate revision control

    Multiple versions, incomplete documents, duplicated work: in rapid iterative production, your system of record can quickly get out of hand. ION simplifies your revision control, automatically creating a single living repository for product status and history. Automate repetitive and labor tasks, reduce manual overhead and non-value work, and give your team the right information, when they need it.  

    Trace everything you build with ION

    See all the components from the top level down to the screw that was used. Manual traceability is not only time-consuming, it’s often fragmented and misses key information. ION’s unique aBOM model provides automated as-built traceability across the supply chain and manufacturing process. ION bridges your inventory to upstream purchase orders and downstream manufacturing workflows so you can track components from receiving inspections through production, installation, and delivery.  

    Boost collaboration between engineers and technicians

    Legacy tools create siloes between engineers and operators. ION Factory OS brings design and production together, where they belong. Collaboration tools and a Slack integration open up the lines of communication so technicians can ask questions and raise concerns while the build is happening, and hear back from engineers within minutes. Capture in-process data, redlines, and issues in real-time so you can make corrections before it's too late.


    Accelerate time to value

    ION Factory OS is fast to implement so you start seeing value right away. Gone are the days of long, drawn-out implementations. Our experts will configure ION to meet your particular needs and you'll be up and running in no time. A modern, straightforward UI makes it possible for teams to learn ION quickly without exhaustive training courses.

    track inventory with accuracy

    With traditional inventory software solutions, tracking ceases to exist once a part leaves inventory. ION is different. Monitor the status of every single inventoried part whether it has been installed, scrapped, kitted for a build, is part of a WIP, or has been ordered and not received yet.


    Create highly customizable workflows to describe, visualize, and automate complex processes that make it easy for your technicians to follow. ION enables you to automate reviews and approvals, record feedback and changes all from one place. Eliminate manual overhead and limit the need for constant human intervention.

    Adapt quickly to issues

    Become aware of issues while they can still be remediated. Make changes to product assembly processes on the fly based on real-time feedback and redlines from technicians on the factory floor. Set up alerts and never miss an important message again.

    your factory floor control center

    Centralize your factory processes by making ION Factory OS the hub of your shop floor. Connect every part of the factory to meet the dynamic needs of hardware development. Choose from a pre-built integration or use our flexible API to connect ION to your other software, systems, machines, and robots.


    Use real time as-built traceability to visualize and track your completed hardware's as-built bill of materials (aBOM). The as-built record ties together part and process data so you can understand every interaction that took place on your product - every assembly, technician, test, quality check, inspection, calibration, remove and replace, and more.  


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    We’re helping established and next generation manufacturers to transform their factory operations. Regardless of industry or complexity, our solutions and expertise is helping them accelerate their time to value and market response.
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    Your Factory Operating System (OS)

    ION is part of a modular software platform that enables a more open, flexible approach to building hardware products.

    Designed for engineers by engineers, ION is a Factory Operating System (OS) that reflects the nuances and dynamics of rapid iterative production.

    Enhanced with automatic planning, production analysis and data-informed forecasting, the ION platform provides complete transparency and interoperability across your factory and supply chain:


    ION seamlessly integrates with your existing tools to automate the flow of data across your operations. Our powerful API integration enables you to connect to traditional manufacturing tools (such as PLM, ERP, QMS), machines, and custom apps. Whatever your factory is using, ION pulls in real-time data to create a living, rich digital thread that grows stronger and more impactful with every integration.
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    While ION’s workflow optimization capabilities support engineering and manufacturing teams, its acceleration gains are felt across the factory and leadership teams. Download this ION Factory OS product overview and start imagining a better way to run your manufacturing facility.


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