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Digital Manufacturing

Swiftly move from prototype to production

Your prototype is final. It’s time to provide a roadmap for how it will be built in the factory. Define, visualize, and automate complex processes in ION so technicians know exactly what they need to do. Add custom fields at any procedure step where technicians can add values like torque, gap, weight, and voltage with backend workflows based on deviations from approved ranges.

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Unload incoming shipments

Your parts have arrived and are ready for inspection, which you'll add to ION so you can track them as they move through the factory.

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Examine and verify parts

Inspect incoming parts and record in ION. Capture key information like serial numbers and other traceability attributes. Create issues against any received inventory that is not as expected to track supplier quality.

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Manage raw materials and parts

Move parts to inventory and assign them barcodes so they can be tracked in ION across the entire product journey for advanced traceability. ION tracks consumption and allocation of parts to other assemblies. Submit inventory requests for an assembly kit in one click.

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Create a production schedule

Plan production with constraint-based scheduling and predictive data. Enter the desired customer delivery date and ION will create a target schedule for building, testing, assembling, and ordering based on historical logs and inputs.

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Cell Based Assembly

Track production processes

Ready to start building! Technicians follow step-by-step visual work instructions in ION. Every step is timed so you know exactly how long it takes to build a product. When there’s an issue, technicians can alert an engineer in real-time at the exact step where they encountered it – and an engineer can respond immediately.

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Assemble parts

ION also supports assembly line production.

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Identify and address quality issues

Assembly is complete and now it needs to be approved. Identify non-conformances and disposition for further actions.

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Prepare product for shipping

It’s time to ship final products to the customer. ION’s living digital thread provides traceability across the entire product lifecycle including maintenance and repair.

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Analyze KPIs

Monitor KPIs in ION to ensure profitability, adherence to delivery timelines, reduction of waste, and more. View insights in out-of-the-box dashboards or create your own report. You can also easily export all your data from ION for reports and audits.

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Digital Manufacturing












Cell Based Assembly










As a technology company with deep roots in complex hardware manufacturing, we are delivering a new standard in production management software. Say goodbye to the constraints of legacy manufacturing execution system vendors and say hello to a Factory Operating System that's flexible, easy to deploy,and future-proof.
Used by next-generation manufacturers building world-defining hardware like spacecraft, nuclear reactors, and robots, First Resonance provides manufacturing management software to visionary companies where flexibility and quality traceability are critical for success. The ION Factory OS by First Resonance enables engineers to rapidly move from complex prototypes to seamless production, accelerating the development cycle and enabling them to bring products to market faster than ever.


Outdated software for manufacturing may be holding you back.
In an era where agility and speed are paramount, a modern MES is an indispensable tool for manufacturers striving for unparalleled excellence. As a modern MES company, we understand that in today's hyper-competitive landscape, every minute counts, and our modern MES solution has been meticulously crafted to deliver fast deployment and flexibility to help enterprise manufacturers adapt and excel in an ever-evolving marketplace.
With a premier modern MES vendor like First Resonance, you’re not just getting another solution; you’re gaining a strategic partner committed to your success. Our manufacturing software empowers you with real-time insights, seamless automation, and unparalleled scalability, enabling you to optimize production, reduce downtime, and enhance quality control like never before.

Setting the Gold Standard in Manufacturing Security and Compliance

At the core of the manufacturing industries we support lies a critical need for compliance with intricate regulations and unwavering data privacy standards. Whether we’re working with an aerospace company with defense contracts, a medical device manufacturer pioneering breakthrough advancements, or an emerging climate tech leader, safeguarding highly sensitive information is crucial for their continued success. That’s why we’ve designed ION Factory OS to support a seamless flow of sensitive production data that ensures not only regulatory adherence but also the safeguarding of highly confidential information and intellectual property. 

To deliver on our promise of exceptional security in our manufacturing software, our solutions are deployed in GovCloud environments for maximum compliance and reliability. Our software is also deployed in FedRAMP environments, reflecting our commitment to meeting rigorous government security requirements. 

We maintain SOC 2 certification and adhere to ITAR regulations, ensuring stringent data security and privacy standards. This blend of certifications and deployments is the reason we’re the choice of fast-growing hard-tech innovators with complex compliance requirements.

ION Factory OS

Discrete complex manufacturing teams use ION Factory OS to build, iterate, and track changes from prototype through production. As you build with ION, your team is visually guided through step-by-step processes, capturing in-process data and redlines so that issues can be surfaced and fixed the moment they happen. Highly configurable, with an open API for turnkey integrations that connect all your factory floor systems, ION is designed to get you up and running fast without expensive, lengthy implementations.  
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Ion AutoPlan

Whether you're building rockets, electric boats, satellites, or another complex apparatus, your team needs to understand every material component, sub-assembly, machine, tool, and technicians they'll need to ensure a confident delivery date. However, forecasting is complex and requires accurate internal data, which is where ION Autoplan comes in. Based on the inventory availability and capacity needed to build a product, ION Autoplan calculates a start date so you can set expectations across the organization.
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ION Analytics

At its core, ION Analytics is a production analytics tool for optimizing factory operations -- but the granularity you get is unmatched by other MES software vendors. With end-to-end visibility and traceability across the manufacturing line and supply chain, you can identify the root causes impacting slow production rates, quality, and costs. Unpack the cost of completed assemblies you’ve built including labor costs, installed components, and sub-assemblies to get the all-in true cost of production.
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         ION is really extraordinary software, it’s like art
- Daudi Barnes,

Seamless integration from prototype to production with ion

Powering companies building electric airplanes, rockets, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing robotics, and more. It is used by manufacturers of all sizes – from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500s – to connect parts, complex supply chains, and advanced machinery. Manufacturers build with ION to solve the world’s biggest problems in climate, transportation, and energy.
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         We want our engineers to interact with the data from day one and ION allows that. With ION, data collection occurs in the background, allowing the operator to focus on the work being done
- Industrial Engineer, Epirus


ION Factory OS is pushing the industry forward, equipping advanced manufacturers with a digital thread — connecting engineering, parts, and production data across complex operations in the cloud. Safely. Securely.

ION Enhances

icon representing traceability
ION’s powerful aBOM (as-built of materials) model keeps unparalleled traceability as you build parts, upgrade parts, and go through servicing workflows. All of your process data comes along with the aBOM to help you answer tough questions – fast.
icon representing quality
Capture rich data from the factory floor while being confident in having the latest procedures on the factory floor. Issues (non-conformance) tracking allows you to keep tabs on deviations and get to a resolution.
icon representing collaboration
ION is built for teams looking to move quickly and accurately. With reviews and sign-offs, notifications, and real-time updates across all features, you will always have the latest production information at your fingertips.
icon representing compliance
Unparalleled traceability in (ION) allows you to achieve quality and security certification. Get the information you need to certify your operation and hardware with regulators and customers.
icon representing manufacturing
ION allows you to describe complex manufacturing processes with an easy-to-use editor and workflow builder. Additionally, its low-code interfaces enable you to define validation criteria that show up in the manufacturing process.
icon representing supply chain
Supply Chain
Manage inventory, purchase parts, and send components into the manufacturing process within the same system. Supply chain specialists can manage suppliers and ensure high quality using rich data from the factory floor.
icon representing technicians and operators
Technicians + Operators
ION's Execution interface is built for technicians and operators. It is an easy-to-use interface to move through step by step. Plus, capture comments, attach files, and share feedback quickly within your workflow.
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ION Analytics creates a standard interface for your analysts to quickly pull data, build reports, and signal high-level issues directly to managers and bottom-line business owners.

Learn how legacy tools are failing manufacturing engineers

Learn how you can untether yourself from an outdated manufacturing approach and lead the way in working more efficiently with a modern MES.
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We are removing the barriers of traditional MES system vendors by changing the game. With ION manufacturing software, forward-thinking manufacturers are improving on-the-fly collaboration between engineers and technicians, moving information between systems freely, and using data to deliver insights that result in better hardware quality, delivery, and traceability.
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