First Resonance ION Factory OS Selected to Power Whisper Aero's Revolutionary Ultra-Quiet Propulsor Production

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2024 -- Whisper Aero, a pioneering aerospace company at the forefront of developing the next generation of electric propulsors, proudly announces its selection of First Resonance's ION Factory OS as the manufacturing execution system to support its imminent production ramp.

In a strategic move, Whisper Aero is preparing to set up its first propulsor manufacturing line at its Tennessee headquarters, leveraging the robust capabilities of ION Factory OS. The integration of ION's real-time analytics and inspection control checkpoints is anticipated to significantly reduce cycle times with each propulsor produced.

Whisper Aero's decision to choose ION Factory OS was influenced by several key factors, including advanced traceability features, support for AS9100 certification, and the system's ease of deployment and maintenance.

Ian Villa, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Whisper Aero said, "As we gear up our new Tennessee facility, our goal is to begin producing propulsors before the end of this year. After evaluating multiple vendors, ION by First Resonance emerged as the sole solution capable of meeting our aggressive timelines and extensive requirements."

Throughout the initial testing and production phases, Whisper Aero will leverage ION's as-built Bill of Materials (BOM) capabilities to automate data capture related to material, process, and procedure changes. Post-production, ION Factory OS will continue to play a vital role in maintaining comprehensive traceability, overseeing serial numbers, and managing sign-offs.

As a company engaged in Department of Defense contracts, Whisper Aero emphasizes the significance of stringent data security and achieving AS9100 certification. ION Factory OS aligns seamlessly with these priorities by streamlining the audit process required for certification.

"ION captures every single thing that happens on the factory floor, including processes, parts, inspections, and red lines. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to comply with the rigorous audits required for certification," commented Louie Tarifa, Head of Manufacturing at Whisper Aero.

In a competitive landscape where speed to market is paramount, Whisper Aero's investment in ION Factory OS reflects the urgency to establish its factory quickly for efficient production. The decision was reinforced by First Resonance's ready-to-deploy system, allowing Whisper Aero to focus on building groundbreaking propulsors without the need for extensive software customization.

"We will be heads down building, and we'd rather focus on delivering on our customer's needs than tweaking slower, inflexible software. We chose ION because the system is ready to go right away, and the team at First Resonance has deep experience in aerospace so they know exactly what we need," added Villa.

Karan Talati, CEO and co-founder of First Resonance, brings engineering expertise from SpaceX, having experienced firsthand the challenges of pioneering advancements. "We are privileged to join Whisper Aero's journey and honored to join their work in ushering in a new era of environmentally-friendly air travel in the aerospace industry."

About First Resonance
Used by next generation manufacturers building world-defining hardware like spacecraft, power plants, and robots, First Resonance provides software to visionary companies where flexibility and quality traceability are critical for success. The ION Factory OS by First Resonance makes it possible for engineers to rapidly move from complex prototypes to seamless production, accelerating the development cycle. With ION Analytics, decision-makers get real-time visibility into bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, empowering them to iterate quickly and at scale, resulting in faster time to market. For more information on First Resonance please visit:

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About Whisper Aero
Whisper Aero is pioneering a more compelling and connected future by delivering cleaner, quieter, and more efficient propulsion solutions. Today's open rotor propulsion systems are challenged by safety, noise, and performance limitations at all scales. Whisper's breakthrough technologies allow aircraft to fly anywhere at any time without disturbing communities, at greater speeds, and with incredible improvements in efficiency and cost. Their innovations also enable a new generation of air moving products that can blend into the soundscapes of daily life. Whisper was founded by industry veterans, Mark Moore and Ian Villa, and continues to innovate a future that's as considerate as it is compelling with its world-class team in Tennessee.

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