How to Ensure BOM Accuracy from PLM to MES with ION and Duro Integration

In the rapidly evolving landscape of engineering and manufacturing, the need for seamless connectivity and real-time product data exchange has become vital. The challenges posed by data silos and fragmented workflows have hindered collaboration between design engineers and technicians. One of the many areas slowing manufacturers down that we’re able to solve is navigating the manual labyrinth of synchronizing your product details and bill of materials. We understand that every minute counts and part/BOM accuracy is a necessity. 

The partnership between First Resonance ION Factory Operating System (OS) and Duro aims to bridge the gap with a seamless integration that moves your data from your PLM to your MES. 

The benefits that this integration and partnership provides to innovative manufacturers include:

  • Unifies complementary manufacturing technology platforms, eliminating double-entry 
  • Accelerates delivery dates by increasing the speed you can move from new prototype designs or revised product designs to the plant floor where the building process takes place
  • Accurately and automatically synchronizes part library and BOM information from Duro to ION
  • Automates alignment of products/components from Duro into ION by creating a part with an mBOM that mirrors your original
  • Passes the specific attributes that are important to you like – supplier part numbers, cost, lead time, unit of measure, mass, minimum inventory levels, and dimensions – from Duro to ION in real-time 

But let’s back up for a moment. As a leading-edge manufacturer, you’re already well acquainted with the barrage of Engineering Change Notices constantly reigning chaos on your factory floor. Every time a part or bill of materials (BOM) is revised, operations must immediately respond to ensure conformity.

Maybe you have humans manually keying in part creation and updates. If so, our condolences! But here in the 21st century, an MES platform like ION Factory OS makes it possible to connect just about anything in your factory ecosystem. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Duro, a like-minded software company supporting disruptive hardware makers who are leaning into iterative, agile hardware development.

With this integration, fundamental information from Duro is passed into ION, including the attributes that are important to you – supplier part numbers, cost, lead time, unit of measure, mass, minimum inventory levels, and dimensions. 

By removing the tedious tasks of exporting CSVs and manually inputting parts and BOMs into ION, we're ensuring a higher level of accuracy by eliminating manual operations, which are often susceptible to error. With this integration, we're reducing those risks, giving you the confidence that every piece of data is exactly as it should be. 

Our Duro PLM commitment isn’t standalone. It complements a suite of other manufacturing product, engineering, and finance platform integrations, emphasizing our vision of a unified and integrated operational landscape. First Resonance is more than just ION — it’s about elevating your Factory OS experience, ensuring that your operational processes are as streamlined and precise as your innovations.

Ready to dig in and connect ION with Duro? Here are the refreshingly short technical setup instructions. Want to go deeper with more customization? ION’s powerful API can flex to extend beyond what’s already offered. Learn more by scheduling a call with our experts.