Never Miss Another Critical Notification from Your Factory Floor: ION and Slack Integration

When you’re building a smart factory, assembling a world-class manufacturing tech stack is a given. The goal is efficiency, automation, and connectivity. However, if your tools aren’t talking to one another, you’re just adding noise.

ION Factory OS is built with communication between engineers and technicians in mind. We know it doesn’t end there though – there are other key stakeholders involved from finance to inventory, and everyone in between. That’s why we set out to build an airtight integration with everyone’s favorite tool for collaboration – Slack.

At the pace our customers are developing new hardware, you can’t afford to miss an important message from your engineering/manufacturing/supply chain teams. With our ION and Slack integrations, you’ll be less likely to ever miss a critical event again!

ION’s integration with Slack is easy to connect and drives immediate value. Many of our customers make it one of their first priorities when setting up their shop floor systems.

Give your team the right nudge at the right time, and get your factory operating at warp speed!

Delegate work or simply share ideas about a task with frictionless notifications that help your teams build good habits, stay alert, and lessen the cognitive load.

Pick the types of messages you want shared, based on comments, @mentions, or specific events you’re subscribed to such as manufacturing issues or approval requests. The notification will hyperlink you directly into the action, so hop into that literal/metaphorical fire that needs extinguishing!

If you're interested in joining the likes of Orbit Fab, Joby, and Nimble who have integrated ION Factory OS with Slack, or are interested in how our MES integration strategy can benefit you, please contact us for a demo.