Release Notes//

Move parts after completing a run

We've made it easier to move parts back to inventory on run completion. This helps keep everyone updated on where parts are while staying efficient in production. When a run is complete, you can move the part to inventory so higher-level assemblies and planners know how to keep things moving.

New BOM importers (beta)

You can now bring in your SolidWorks BOMs into ion using our new ion importers. We are committed to making manufacturing more open, so the importers are open source and available on Github. Check it out:


  • New flow for moving a part to inventory after the run is complete
  • Notify user when they've been assigned to a step
  • Move the mBOM to the primary parts sidebar view
  • Improved sorting and grouping in part inventory view
  • Automatically move to next step after completing one
  • Clarify the quantity selection during kitting process
  • Clarify operation and steps in technician view with more indentation
  • New SolidWorks BOM importer at
  • Further restrictions on Compliant Cloud access permissions for Compliant Cloud customers


  • Fix caching issue between kitting and aBOM builder views
  • Fix single sign-on (SSO) flow
  • Fix issue with validation type selection
  • Fix part numbers in prepared kit
  • Clarify error when a step fails to move to another part of the procedure
  • Show preview for attached images rather than link
  • Fix thumbnail preview in parts sidebar
  • Clarify "installed" and "WIP" selectors in inventory view
  • Remove duplicate users and missing users in Members panel
  • Fix the invite link to point to the correct application environment
  • Show local time zone timestamps (instead of UTC) in execution view