Release Notes//

Require peer review for signoffs

Signoffs are a powerful way to maintain quality at a role-level in your manufacturing operation. Now, you can enforce that the person signing off was not the same person who performed the work or collected data. A peer review!

Multi-quantity run kits and better part descriptions

If you are building a multi-quantity run (non-serialized) and allocating parts in a kit to that run, the kitting interface now allows you to add as many parts as you need to fulfill that run. In addition, we've made it easier for your to know your parts by adding part descriptions and locations in kitting and mBOM construction.

Quickly copy a field

Sometimes, it's the simple things. Now, you can easily copy a field within a step to make your procedure-building and data collection better and faster.


  • New setting to ensure the person signing off on a step did not perform other work on the step
  • Allow fulfilling a kit for a multi-quantity run, i.e. if each part in a qty 5 run requires 1 screw, you can add 5 screws to the kit
  • Allow changing the name of a run after it has been created
  • Show validation conditions (e.g. Must be less than 5 ft-lb) during execution before validation check
  • Added a shortcut to quickly copy a field within a step
  • Show part descriptions and inventory location in kitting and in mBOM creation
  • Adjustable column settings in the inventory manager
  • Improve performance on procedure page to make it a smoother experience
  • Beta API for granular change history for runs, procedures, parts, and more (available via the timeline attribute)
  • Enforce minimum tracking level at the part level (serial, lot)
  • Enforce MFA (multi-factor auth) setting now available in user settings
  • Change a workcenter for a step to re-route work
  • Added more encryption settings to database for added security
  • Ongoing changes to new editor (in beta)


  • Fixed file attachment issue in procedures
  • Fixed user load errors in organization member settings with a long list of users
  • Fix issue that cleared aBOM value when replacing an installed part
  • Fix issue where run was not loading after creation
  • Fixed loading run timeline page with old direct links