Release Notes//

Improved reviews

You asked for more granular reviews, and now ion has it! Leave comments on individual steps to better track the parts of the procedure that need attention. Use comment resolutions to keep track of what need to be improved and reduce your time to releasing procedures. You'll also better notifications to keep on top of things to get great procedures into your manufacturing!

Part revisions

Parts in ion now have revisions! Create revisions in the parts library, and keep track of inventory for specific revisions and kit the right revisions for use in your mBOMs. Revisions help you keep track of which rev of a part you have on hand, are using in manufacturing, and what was installed in your as-built configurations

Custom part attributes

Part management in ion has more flexibility than ever. Define your organization's attributes in your organization settings, and allow your team members to set values per part. These custom attributes could include strings, numbers, true/false, and more. For companies keeping track of important attributes like regulatory or quality parameters, customer attributes let you maintain these critical parameters right where you do your work in ion.


  • Request a signoff from Run execution and send a notification to get signoffs quicker
  • Improved reviews workflow with comments at the step level, resolutions, and better notifications.
  • Create part revisions in the parts library
  • Define custom attributes for parts in your organization
  • Increment non-serialized inventory after run completion based on the quantity of the run
  • Subscribe to Procedures and Runs to get the latest updates on reviews, completions, or failures
  • New run creation workflow that allows for bulk run creation
  • New notifications dashboard and alerts
  • New statuspage that you can subscribe to and keep up to date with any ion uptime issues
  • Group multi-quantity aBOM entries for easier aBOM construction in run execution
  • Documentation on connecting ion to your analytics workflow at


  • Fixed finicky behavior between parts library and parts inventory pages
  • Copy procedure labels when copying a procedure
  • Allow attachment field types to be cleared in the execution interface
  • Fix parts bulk importer duplicate part creation
  • Fix issue that was cutting off field options in run execution
  • Allow toggling a procedure's export control even after the procedure is released (required export permission)
  • Allow attaching files during redline
  • Fix issue preventing downstream steps to be in a stuck state after redline
  • Enforce procedure title uniqueness
  • Allow clearing bollean fields during run execution
  • Fix workcenter filter in the run timeline view