Release Notes//

Introducing the Datagrid

The Datagrid is a new type of step you can create in your procedures. As manufacturing processes become even more data-driven, it is a great way to define structured data with clear types (datetime, boolean, string, number, and even signoffs). Datagrids are great in run execution too. Your production team can quickly go through row-by-row and submit data. The Datagrid is highly reliable for analysis processes because of the way it manages data. You can add a Datagrid step to any of your procedures today. Check out this overview video to see it in action.

Purchasing (beta)

Purchasing is in beta in ion! Keep your team on the same page and your production process moving with a central place to keep track of your Purchase Orders. With approval workflows and comments built-in, you can coordinate across your engineering, manufacturing, and production teams and make sure you have the parts you need to build your products. Purchasing integrates with ion inventory to provide visibility from purchase to inventory to assembly and installation.

Run execution preview

Preview your procedures as they will appear in production. The new preview screen is available as a link at the top of your procedures and renders the procedure as a run in a standard iPad-optimized screen size. This will give your manufacturing engineers confidence when reviewing and releasing procedures to the manufacturing process.


  • iPad-optimized run execution view
  • Preview mode in procedures to visualize the procedure as it will appear in run execution (default iPad view)
  • Refreshed homepage dashboard with drag & drop widgets
  • New Datagrid step type for structured data definition and data collection
  • Beta: Change revision schemes for parts from letter revisions
  • Improvement to importers to allow for updating parts if they were previously imported
  • Added Purchasing module in beta. Contact us for early access.
  • Copy a step from a procedure into a run redline
  • Allow merging cells in tables
  • Align text left, right, and center in the content editor and tables
  • Automatically populate the cause condition for an issue created in a run
  • Improved large data loading by allowing the user to load more, as needed
  • Direct application traffic to API endpoints with improved SSL standards
  • Improve account merging when user signs in with two different identity protocols (e.g. username/password or SSO)
  • Use TLS 1.3 and improved SSL grade for added security


  • Fix review comment text cutoffs for long review comments
  • Fix datagrid view only toggle during procedure-building
  • Fix part number display in run execution view
  • Do not update review status after leaving a non-approve/reject comment on a procedure in review
  • Fixed issue that caused new steps to not appear until refreshing the screen
  • Fix issue that cutoff next step transition when the run has many fields
  • Fix bug that prevented adding labels to procedures