Release Notes//

Introducing: Parts & Procedures linking

Your parts, and the processes or procedures that build those parts, are often thought of as a package deal — now they really can be. We've upgraded your workflow by allowing you to define and understand what procedures build which parts.

Accessible by both the Procedure page and the Part in inventory, the links you create will improve traceability of your processes. You can approve or reject parts from a Procedure by navigating to "Parts" found in the toolbar. Linking parts and procedures allows you to plan your build processes while having the flexibility you've always had with ion.

New: Status updates with webhooks

Webhooks are here to empower your data-driven and event-driven manufacturing operation. With Webhooks, you can connect ion to any and all of your other business and engineering systems. When something happens in ion, you can immediately respond. No more reports or waiting hours, if not days, to get information to feed your downstream processes.

Empower your team – from developers to manufacturing to IT. Webhooks puts the power of real-time information into your team's hands, so you can respond to a dynamic manufacturing environment faster than ever. Want to to learn more? Connect with us for a demo.

In beta: PDF/PPT Import

Load in a PDF or PowerPoint into a Procedure, and ion will transfer your text and images into the chosen step. Just like you, we like to move fast. If you already have your procedures in PDF or PPT, you can quickly bring them in and focus on building.

This feature is currently in the beta testing phase. If you would like to join this beta, let us know.


  • New Dynamic Image editor for annotating images in the content editor
  • Step lead times in procedures and runs
  • Part revision schemes to support different revision schemes at your organization or for a specific part (e.g. A, B, C or 1, 2, 3)
  • Webhooks to signal external business, factory, or engineering systems
  • PDF/PPT document importer
  • Improved importers with custom attribute import
  • Parts & Procedures linking with approvals
  • Download status indicator
  • File attachment status indicator
  • ITAR notice banner on login when applicable
  • Peer review field option on Procedures
  • Row splicing in data grids
  • Parts & Inventory redesign
  • Procedures fields redesign
  • Kitting parts allowing substitutes


  • Fix multi-quantity in run execution
  • Data analytics
  • Text editor bug in step creation
  • Shape deformation in text editor
  • Critical "clear" error message removal
  • Keyboard closure on iPad view
  • Dropdown viewing
  • Redline submitting error
  • Table resizing
  • Firefox copy/paste bug