Release Notes//

Update: Use substitutions in your part kits

With agile work environments come the need for flexibility. Now you can add substitute parts when creating a kit. This gives your flexibility and traceability to use the parts you have when building.

Introducing: ion Plans

Stay ahead of demand with one of our newest additions, ion Plans. By allocating Parts and setting up Runs before production gets started, you can ensure you're ready to build before the work begins. Plans also help you keep track of the progress towards a product's completion, monitor a group of related Runs, or keep track of multiple related POs. Need to plan for 3 assemblies but don't have all the parts in your inventory? Plans will surface that information and allow you to create a PO right from the plan.

New: Purchase Order Importer

You can now import multiple .csv purchase orders into your ion workspace! After the upload is complete, your POs and the properties will be available in ion and integrated with all of your ion Inventory and Trace. ion has importers for Parts lists, BOMs at depth or level notation, Inventory, and Suppliers.


  • Improved Export Run feature with better performance and email notifications
  • Include Run Title in email subject line
  • Search for Runs from Issues page
  • The dynamic image annotator now has a color selector
  • Redesigned fields in Parts and Runs for improved speed and consistency
  • ion Plans for Runs and POs
  • Import Purchase Order and Supplier information from a .csv
  • Use substitute parts during Kitting
  • Attachments for specific inventory items (serial and lot items)


  • Fixed Issues main page to be able to load more issues
  • Procedures print preview is back online
  • Fixed aBOM split lot installation
  • Todo widget logic improved
  • Image rendering no longer an issue when resizing