Release Notes//

New Issues Experience

The ion Issues workflow has a new look! Along with richer fields, issues can now be associated with parts, there are new disposition types, you can leave comments, and more! The main issues page also has new ways of finding the issues you want fast

Verified Procedures

Verified parts allow you to ensure that only the procedures that are approved for use on a part are used on a run for that part. Turn this setting on in organization settings to make sure you are using the right procedures to build your parts!

Better reviews workflow with comment resolutions

You can now see which comments are unresolved for a step while in review. This allows you to stay focused on making great procedures with your team and ensures that you can hit all of the feedback before procedure release. Want to know more? Book a demo today!


  • Display the number of unresolved comments in the steps menus during procedure reviews
  • New dependency manager and dependencies for child steps
  • Leads times for parts
  • Improved review panel with step indications and drag & drop
  • Set filters at the step level allowing a further downselected list of runs
  • Add select and multiselect types for part, inventory, and issues attributes
  • Allow webhooks clients to serve back users to display to the user
  • Move a step back to in progress to correct data (admins only)
  • Allow reordering multiselect fields in procedure creation
  • Comment on individual inventory items from the inventory manager
  • Comment on Datagrid steps in the comment sidebar
  • Rich text comments in runs
  • Improved labels interface
  • Select substitute parts in the aBOM builder
  • Show number of unresolved comments per step during review


  • Fixed issue that prevented user selection in autocomplete dropdowns
  • Fixed issue preventing step copy from a released procedure
  • Fixed cutoff lines and terms section in purchase orders print view
  • Fixed % complete display in aBOMs on runs with no part associated
  • Fixed legibility on comments in the run summary view
  • Fixed Datagrid scrolling issues in the run preview
  • Delete dependencies using the `backspace` key
  • Fixed field display for completed steps
  • Fixed export control toggle in create run screen
  • Fixed sentence casing display issue for fields in runs
  • Fixed saving issues for images modified in the image annotation tool