Release Notes//

Modify an aBOM for a part for fast, flexible changes to the as-built

aBOMs are now more flexible than ever. You can now add a part to your aBOM even if it doesn't appear on your mBOM. This is powerful for manufacturers that need flexibility in their BOMs and for teams that are making quick changes to deliver the best hardware. Simply add the new part to the aBOM in the aBOM installation workflow.

ETAs, statuses, and other attributes at the purchase order line-level for more granular and detailed POs

You can now add detailed information to your purchase order such as unit and total cost, need by date, and more. This new line-level update also gives you the ability to create related issue tickets from within the PO itself for easy tracking.

New dashboard widget that shows all of the steps you are checked into

The new check-in widget on the home screen dashboard allows you to keep track of which runs you're currently checked into. In case you forget to check out or are simply bouncing around different runs, this new widget helps you stay on top of your factory's dynamic work. Check it out on the dashboard!

Create part inventory as you build to account for parts not in your ion Inventory yet

With the newest round of ion improvements, you can modify your aBOM in real-time. Now, you can also create new inventory from the same window. When you search for a part number during aBOM development, you have the option to create a new part number that is serial or lot tracked.

If you don't have all of your inventory in ion already, that's okay! You can now account for inventory while you are building your aBOM. Let's say you already have SN: 43 of a part you want to install. Just because it doesn't exist in ion doesn't mean you can't capture that. Better yet, this new function allows you to passively account for inventory you have, so you don't have to get everything accounted for before you can have great traceability.


  • Use new dependencies manager on step redline
  • Implement review replies (comment threads) and add context to open comments to steps
  • Add fees/discounts to purchase orders
  • Apply table menus to parts and inventory pages
  • Ability to add a new issue to PO line items and inventory
  • Open notifications in new tab (and other links that make sense)
  • Create attributes for Issues in organization settings
  • Link to issue from the redline screen
  • Automatically associate the part inventory from the run when creating an automated issue from runs
  • Implement new Run creation view
  • Design for improved runs navigation, common FSG, and timeline


  • Link from mBOM to part (UX regression)
  • Read-only on an issue
  • Create new inventory issue
  • Fix actions sidebar position on run execution