Release Notes//

Custom attributes in issues

Custom attributes in Issues allow you to capture your team's custom quality data (e.g. defect/cause codes, quality clauses, and more). With more data in your Issues, you can increase overall production traceability just like Agile Space Industries.

Redesigned Runs execution screen

The new Run Execution interface automatically checks users in/out per step, is faster and more performant and has more details in fields. There are also new controls to quickly move steps to Hold status, and you can even leave feedback for the upstream procedure right from the comments!

Get to runs faster with the new Runs Table and Board

The Runs table and board views now have more powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping to find your runs faster by all sorts of parameters, including Issues, serial numbers, statuses, assignees, and more. Save these filters to drop right into the view you need every time you need to find your runs! 

Integration with Duro PLM to get real-time and accurate part data

ion now integrates with Duro PLM. Our friends at Duro have a fast and collaborative PLM from which ion can now get up-to-date and real-time part data, including revisions and files. Get in touch with us to turn this integration on if you are using Duro!


  • New filters, sort, and grouping controls in Issues and Runs dashboards that allow for faster, more powerful filtering across runs
  • Improved quantity calculation in Inventory that more accurately reflects inventory used in kitting or aBOM (install) operations
  • Show all inventory records in WIP and not in WIP to prevent oversights on real parts in the system
  • Improve page load times for Plans and POs
  • Improvements to security with better controls over inter-process communication
  • Improvement to "Increment serial numbers by part number instead of a specific part and revision"


  • Fixed issue where changing a workcenter erroneously changed all other steps' workcenters
  • Fix issue that prevented some procedures from appearing in search results (e.g. procedures with two spaces in the title)
  • Fixed issue where the installed component didn't show up in the aBOM after installing