Release Notes//

Batch Execution

Speed up your shop floor by executing multiple runs simultaneously! Add like runs to batches and any actions that take place (check-in, step completion, field entry, etc.) will occur across the entire batch. Check out the video tutorial for batch execution here! 

Fast Run Execution Mode

Fast Run Execution Mode allows you to quickly fly through steps in a run by easily scrolling through them. With step completions and data collection fields smoothly in-line, Fast Run Execution Mode will help your team move through runs faster than before while still having the same backing run data model.

Redline Approvals

Redline approvals allow you to request a review from your teammates and enforce required reviews before a redline is released back to work in progress.


  • Improvements to Purchase Order cost calculation
  • Include more information on PO print preview, including ship to address + fees
  • Add part description to PO lines
  • Show need date on PO search screen
  • New Run summary view with a cleaner, faster experience
  • Display the step number for a review comment
  • Pre-populate the workcenter for the next step when building a procedure
  • Show part files in run execution
  • Autogenerate standardized run titles
  • Move UOM to parts
  • Move cost to parts
  • Add labels to runs
  • Clearly show step details before a run is in progress


  • Fix missing fields in PO print screen
  • Show PO number on receipts
  • Allow ETA to be populated after initial PO creation
  • Change copy for "Resolve" button
  • Fix part data save in receipts