Release Notes//

Richer aBOMs with more relevant information

Your as-built Bill of Materials now includes additional information. This feature empowers you to move through manufacturing faster by answering questions across BOMs, runs, and issues all from one screen. Simply click on the green bar to expand and collapse each part's summary. 

Introducing: indented aBOMs 

With the new as-built Bill of Materials indented view, you can see your build details in an easy-to-view hierarchical structure. Learn more about all the new aBOM features here!

New datagrid architecture for more reliable performance

Datagrids have been updated to a more robust structure that supports larger data sets. This improvement will also enable file attachments to be enclosed within datagrid cells in the near future. 


  • Update inventory status to scrapped when a linked issue is dispositioned as scrap
  • Integer check for imported POs
  • New loading icon for part/procedure linking
  • Number input for data collection not allowing negatives


  • Resolved issue where changing a workcenter changed all other steps' workcenters
  • Resolved the issue that prevented some procedures from appearing in search results (e.g. procedures with two spaces in the title)
  • Resolved issue where the installed component didn't show up in the aBOM after installing
  • Fixed the broken image error for in-app pictures
  • Added a common filter cleanup
  • Fixed batch runs bugs
  • Adjusted the notification page icons