Release Notes//

Enable file attachments in a datagrid

Recently, we shared the release of a new datagrid architecture that enabled increased performance. Along with previous updates, you can also now include file attachments in a datagrid, bringing more traceability and organized data capture than ever before.

PO lines

ion purchase orders received an overhaul and now include more information than ever! This update empowers indirect procurement and enables multiple serialized part inventories to link to a single PO line. Learn more about PO line restructuring here. 

Location Hierarchy

ion Locations has received an update! Now you’re able to see the hierarchy of production locations within aBOMs. This feature also provides data against each location to give details on which runs or issues took place in each location. 

Export aBOMs as a CSV

Now, you can take your aBOM with you. With the addition of the Export button, you can export your as-built bill of materials as a CSV showing the entire table or indented view. Learn more about aBOMs in this video. 


  • Lot-tracked and untracked inventory can be associated with build runs
  • Added a part number filter to the part inventory search box
  • Included breadcrumbs and title on Inventory page when scrolling to the right
  • Added confirmation pop-up when deleting part inventories
  • Added filter, sort, and group to the inventory screen
  • Included a new column in the BOM importer for substitutes
  • Added loading icon on the inventory screen
  • Enabled editing of scrap quantity on part inventory
  • Added infinite scroll to the inventory page


  • Fixed kitted filter when quantity kitted is 0
  • Fixed inventory location error
  • Fixed Datagrid entry roles bug