Release Notes//

aBOMs featuring lots and quantities

As-built BOMs now include lot-tracked parents and fractional quantities enabling traceability for all production workflows. This improvement allows you to keep track of a complex supply chain with nearly the same granularity as serial tracking. All within the same aBOM structure you already know.

Required rows now in Datagrids

You can now require rows to be completed in Datagrids. Run execution progress is halted until all required cells have been filled, giving you the confidence that you have all of the data you need before completing a Datagrid step.

Workcenters home page

Each workcenter now has a dedicated page listing all hardware interactions that have or will take place at a given location. Understand what is happening on the factory floor from anywhere with an overview of related runs and status, issues, and more.

Calculated inventory status

ion part inventory status is now calculated based on related data (e.g. is the inventory on order, scrapped in an Issue, etc.) to better communicate the state of inventory. Status options include WIP, available, kitted, installed, scrapped, and unavailable.


  • Standard Steps can now be created by copying from an existing step
  • Part numbers can be changed on part inventories to support upgrade workflows
  • Users can now copy purchase order lines
  • "Ship to" locations can be added to purchase orders
  • Default PO settings can be set for an organization
  • Purchase order line number is now displayed on the print screen
  • Plan item cost will now display the part cost if not tied to a purchase order
  • Supplier information can now be added for those with purchasing capabilities


  • Fixed bug with partial receipt on purchase orders
  • Fixed link to purchase orders from the part library
  • Fixed dashboard pagination for the pending review widget
  • Fixed issue where purchase order comments would not render
  • Now only showing purchase order costs to 2 decimal places on the print screen
  • The hierarchy view for plan items will now show all child items
  • Purchase order search screen will no longer show multiple line items for a PO line
  • Fixed pagination on part inventory dropdown on the aBOM side panel
  • Part inventories tied to POs are now deleted when the PO line is deleted
  • Fixed bug that would halt the sending of select notifications
  • Fixed bug where the datagrid importer would not work in redlined steps
  • Fixed display issue that cropped revisions on parts &  procedures on "Create Run"
  • Added tooltips to the buttons in the step editor interface in procedures
  • Fixed bug that would cut off the field type dropdown in the step editor
  • Fixed issue that would cut off the top of the reviews panel and prevent movement