Release Notes//

Increase production traceability with transaction history ❄

Who updated that serial number?
When was the quantity changed?
How long was that inventory in that location?

ION now includes a full part history of actions to quickly answer these questions. ION's part transaction history provides transparent information sharing and accountability in your factory.  This type of information can be vital for performing containment activities and ensuring product quality.

Move faster through ION with CommandBar 🎁

ION now features CommandBar shortcuts*, allowing you to navigate through your production quickly. Access runs, issues, inventory via keyboard shortcuts, and more with the new CommandBar integration. Learn more in the ION manual.

Purchasing enhancements and supplier management✨

ION Purchasing has been upgraded with new features including terms and conditions, quality clauses, bill-to/ship-to locations, header custom attributes, and a better print preview. Additionally, you can now manage your suppliers.


  • Fixed automatic failure of steps upon unmet validation field - users must now manually hit the "fail" button. This allows users to enter other field data to give the failed step more context.
  • Added Inventory splits for lot/un-tracked inventories
  • Added a  Line of Balance view to plans
  • Added version procedure to Runs
  • Improved page load performance for run and inventory table views
  • Improved page load performance for run execution and procedure views
  • Added CSV export to inventory
  • Added custom attributes to the PO header
  • Added sorting and additional filters to the purchase orders search screen
  • Changed steps assigned to now appear in the homepage "Todo" widget
  • Updated ION branding in the menu bar and login screen
  • Improved customization of issue ticket fields in organization settings.
  • Added an Availability toggle to inventory locations
  • Excluded Unavailable locations from MRP plans
  • Improved readability of diff view for redlines
  • Improved Run Execution and Run Summary to more clearly show standard steps
  • Removed canceled runs from the "My assigned runs" widget on ION homepage


  • Fixed step field validations error caused by comparing more or less than 0
  • Fixed incorrect part quantity in run summary view
  • Fixed batched runs bug that would not correctly share redline changes
  • Fixed annotated graphics issue which would not copy and paste correctly
  • Fixed bug that prevented adding media to step instructions
  • Fixed location picker font size
  • Fixed part inventory quantity issue that showed incorrectly on run execution view
  • Fixed bug that would previously scroll to the bottom of POs when opened
  • Fixed location column bug that was not readable on receipts
  • Fixed bug that caused input issues when trying to re-title issue tickets
  • Fixed styling issue on the issue disposition menu
  • Fixed datagrid column bug that showed as read-only when advancing a child step
  • Fixed bug where plan items couldn't be converted to POs for serial-tracked parts
  • Fixed issue labeling users as "API User" in organization settings. ION now labels accounts as API users if they only have an authentication key and no name, email or SSO