Release Notes//

Introducing: Tools in ION

Track assets, machines, and calibrated equipment just like you do with parts and inventory. This new addition will help with resource management and factory optimization no matter what industry you're in. Learn how to utilize Tools in ION with the product tour found here.

Nested Standard Steps

Standard steps can now include multiple child steps. Use nested standard steps to standardize complicated processes across your procedures with granular detail.

Faster Redlining

You can now edit steps in-line with Run details right on the screen. This reduces the time to redline by over 60%.

Kitting upgrades: inventory requests and bulk fulfillment

Kits now support ad-hoc workflows (i.e. engineering requesting parts for testing) and bulk fulfillment. Speed up your request to inventory pick process in ION with these new features.


  • Now showing the aBOM side panel from inventory in addition to runs
  • Added feature to copy redlined step's improvements back into the procedure
  • Moved command bar launcher to the sidebar
  • Added inventory part number changes to transaction history
  • Added commas to purchase order costs
  • Added select all to kitting fulfillment screen
  • Added custom attributes to kitting
  • Added changelogs to the sidebar menu
  • Introduced bulk conversion on plans so that multiple POs or runs can be created from plan items simultaneously
  • Made the Fast Execution view in Runs stay open between refreshes
  • Added description to purchase orders search
  • Made the purchase order header sticky so the status can be changed from the bottom of the screen
  • Added a draft watermark to purchase orders to make it clear that a purchase order is not ready to be sent


  • Removed the Fast Run Execution toggle from the Run dependencies viewer
  • Fixed rendering issues in procedure print preview
  • Removed confusing "0 issue" badges from Run Summary
  • Fixed regular steps from being nested under standard steps
  • Fixed required quantity input from sticking on kits
  • Fixed issue where delete inventory popup was not being closed properly
  • Disable the status dropdown on POs when there are no line items
  • Fixed the "MRP job is running" notification to only show when the latest job is in progress
  • Now showing the part number for parts kitted to make it clear for substitutes
  • Fixed issues where part description was being cached on the part library when switching between parts
  • Fixed bug allowing procedures to be moved back to redline when one of its steps has been used in a run
  • Fixed issue preventing more than one field tab from being open in Run Fast Execution
  • Fixed newly-created dependencies in procedures disappearing when switching back to step editor