Release Notes//

Introducing: Barcodes

Move, install, and understand your parts better with barcode labels. Check out the details in the ION manual.

Note: This first release of ION barcodes will only work with Zebra printers. See here for more details on printing.

mBOM viewer

Ever wanted to see your full multi-level mBOM? Check out this latest update that allows you to view your full assembly top to bottom

Tool Fields

Better control your manufacturing with tool fields. Ensure that you're using the right tools in the right places by calling them out in ION. Tool fields also create auditable records of tool usage for calibration and maintenance.


  • Added a title field to run batches
  • Standard steps can now be redlined into runs
  • Signoff fields now always show the role required for completion
  • Added start/end timestamps for steps on Run Summary
  • Added a new "Pending Signoff" to the home screen
  • Added part cost as a column to inventory
  • Now showing the address in the location picker on purchases
  • Reduced clicks required on the kitting by preselecting fields
  • Added link to create a new receipt from purchase screen
  • Enabled editing parts directly from plans
  • Now showing plan dates in red if they are in the past
  • Unit of measure is now displayed on the aBOM
  • Added a banner to prominently display when in the sandbox environment
  • Added a hover feature to datagrids to show who completed the field and when they completed it
  • Users can now ctrl+click links across the app to open the ION page in a new tab
  • Creating a step by importing the content now parses the imported PDF and extracts the text
  • Added "Step Available to Work" field to easily separate steps that can be started from those with incomplete upstream dependencies
  • Added full name of the user along with avatar for completion records of run fields and clock-ins
  • Now showing inventory kitted to the run at the top of the dropdown on aBOMs
  • Separated create and update functions for the inventory importer to help reduce unintentional changes to existing data
  • Added a soft delete for mBOM items so that they can be removed even if they are referenced by aBOMs


  • Fixed bug where quality clause picker on purchases stopped at 20 items
  • Removed case sensitivity on supplier search
  • Added load indicator when changing PO status
  • Removed redundant "fields" tab from datagrid steps
  • Fixed cropping issue on thumbnails of uploaded issue
  • Fixed page breadcrumbs not linking to the correct URL
  • Fixed issue where dependency manager links would disappear while building a procedure
  • Fixed the fast execution view toggle resetting when moving pages or moving to dependency view
  • Fixed issue where user could not merge a redline into a procedures sub-step.
  • Fixed issue where removing subscribers or reviewers from an object could remove the wrong person
  • Fixed issue causing an error if a datagrid was completed too fast
  • Updated error messages to be more informative when a selectable field has no options
  • Fixed issue where the run title could not be changed when in batches
  • Fixed issue where step dependency view would look scrambled after moving step and reloading