Release Notes//

Introducing: ION Types

We're happy to introduce ION Types - a new way to link workflows for flexibility. This feature leverages ION's existing Users and Parts data in fields and custom attributes. For example, you can create a "Responsible Engineer" field for a Part, Purchase, Supplier, or Issue.

Automated inventory splitting

ION will now keep inventory counts accurate by automatically splitting groups of inventory when they are partially used.

"Not Applicable" Fields

Have an important field you can't leave blank, but sometimes doesn't apply? Now if you mark it required you can allow "Not Applicable" as a valid entry. Learn more about field options from the ION Manual


  • Procedures: Added standard step approvals to the "Awaiting my approval" home screen widget
  • Procedures: Added the ability to set Datagrid rows as required from the Datagrid importer
  • Barcodes: Added ability to use custom attributes on barcodes
  • Barcodes: Enabled to print new barcodes on automatic inventory splits
  • Tools: Added barcode scanning to tools to move tool inventory
  • Runs: Added feature to bulk create runs from an Excel/CSV file
  • Integrations: Added mBOM sync function to Duro PLM integration
  • Purchasing: Added a direct link from parts to quality clauses. When a part is added to a purchase item it will default to using its linked quality clauses.
  • Purchasing: Improved the layout of the purchase print preview
  • Inventory: Added removals/un-installs to inventory history
  • Inventory: The inventory status will now show "On order" when on an open purchase
  • Plans: Added ability to create multiple schedules for the same part and date
  • Autoplan: Autoplan will now create runs for parts with a component BOM even if their sourcing strategy is set to "Buy"
  • Notifications: Added "Mark all as read" button to the notification page
  • Removed length restriction on text fields and custom attributes to allow storing long URLs


  • Procedures: Fixed step fields with long names overflowing their container
  • Issues: Fixed issue status change notifications not being sent when the issue is not linked to a step
  • Issues: Fixed issue where issue tickets would not be created correctly for failing steps in batched runs
  • Runs: Fixed issue where the datetime input widget would not work on touchscreen interfaces
  • Runs: Fixed issue where step field validations would fail incorrectly on empty fields.
  • Purchasing: Fixed issue where searching quality clauses by name didn't work
  • Purchasing: Fixed the purchase subtotal incorrectly displaying the total.
  • Plans: Fixed bug where passing an empty part broke the filter query
  • Parts: Fixed issue where sourcing strategy was incorrectly showing as "Make" on the mBOM visualization