Release Notes//

Introducing the new ION editor

We have completely overhauled the ION editor used across the application in all places. The new editor preserves backwards compatibility with all your existing work instructions while bringing improvements to copy-paste behavior, lists, and photo editing.

Automated inventory Redline Merge to Runs

Updating the same instruction across multiple runs? Use the new Merge Redline to Runs feature to copy your changes to many places at once without having to manually copy and paste!

Inventory location propagation

ION now helps you better manage inventory by flowing down locations from kits/assemblies and moving totes via barcode scans.


Procedures: Added table view for Procedures and Standard Steps
Procedures: Added "required" row status to Datagrid importer
Procedures: Added roll-up of substep and step lead times
Runs: Added multiple select and bulk Archive/Export/Cancel actions to Runs table
Runs: Added part serial/lot column to Runs table
Standard Steps: Added labels to Standard Steps
Standard Steps: Made procedures and runs in Standard Step "Appears In" menu into clickable links
Standard Steps: Added shortcuts from Standard Step  Procedure or Run back to the origin step
Locations: Added sort function to Location table
Inventory: Added bulk actions for inventory including printing barcodes and deletion. Bulk location movement coming soon.
Purchases: Sticky options now exist on the purchasing print view so your selections will be preset from the last purchase you sent out.
Purchases: Purchases can be moved back to draft and edited even after being received.
Purchases: The purchase search screen has been updated to include more columns and makes it easier to navigate purchases by grouping line items.
Purchases: Parts can now be edited on purchase lines post line creation.
Purchases: The purchase importers have been updated to include all of the latest fields recently added to purchasing.
Plans: Added grouping by part and type (run/inventory/purchase/planned) for plan items.
Plans: Now including a "ready/not ready" status for assembly plan items to show if there is enough component inventory available to create a run.
Plans: Added percentage complete to each schedule to see completion by build instead of for the entire plan.
Kits: Added a new "Delivered" status to kits to delineate a delivered kit vs a completed kit. Inventories no longer show as "Kitted" when part of a completed kit.
Receipts: Overhauled the search screen to group items by purchase line. Includes a select all option to make it easy to receive all serialized inventories tied to a purchase line.


Procedures: Fixed image editor sticking to the side of the screen
Procedures: Fixed bug that erroneously allowed multiple draft versions of procedures
Runs: Fixed issue where data entry fields would be stuck saving forever.
Runs: Fixed issue that would crash Run Summary when expanding a run's substeps
Runs: Fixed redlined steps dragged in/out of child steps not appearing in the correct place
Runs: Fixed redline approval notification links taking the user to the wrong page
Runs: Fixed a bug that would cause an error when redlining in a datagrid step into a run.
Runs: Fixed steps not being able to completed if a field with validations was marked as not applicable
Runs: Fixed a bug that would hide the "Submit Redline" button in some cases
Standard Steps: Fixed Standard Step approval notifications to not link to an empty page
Issues: Fixed bug that would not send issue status change notifications in some cases
Parts: Fixed bug that allowed for the same part to appear twice on the same mBOM.
Inventory: Received inventory in unavailable locations will now show a status of "unavailable" instead of "available".
Purchases: Costs will now show to only 2 decimal places.
Receipts: Fixed bug that caused location to be passed onto split inventory during partial receipt.
Various small bug fixes