Release Notes//

Role-based access control is here!

Permissions are now configurable for all create/update/delete actions in ION! Admins can update permissions per role, manage users per role, and bundle users into teams. We introduced Teams to ease the burden of managing permission for groups of people.

Revamping Issues

We've taken advantage of the new Roles functionality to overhaul Issues. You can now configure custom dispositions and require approvals by role. Connect run steps to issues to record off-nominal work and block progress until the issue is resolved!

Right click menus

Right click comes to ION! When viewing a run's dependency view, right click to quickly edit and re-arrange steps.

Auto install from a kit

You can now directly install components onto the aBOM from kits! This feature is toggled off in your environment by default so contact us if you would like access.


  • Performance improvements: We made many improvements to improve load times across the application!
  • Parts: The parts side panel has been upgraded to include a "Where Used" report so that you can easily find mBOMs that the component appears on
  • Receiving: Inventory can now be directly added to receipts without requiring a purchase
  • Receiving: Inventory splitting now exists on receipts making it easy to split inventories for serial/lot tracking
  • Receiving: Labels, custom attributes, file attachments, and comments are now included on receipts
  • Receiving: Receipt line items can now be grouped by purchase to make receipts easier to read
  • Receiving: Added filters to the Receiving search interface
  • Kits: The run association to the kit can now be removed at any time
  • Kits: Added a barcode print feature to the side-panel view
  • Kits: Custom attributes now show in the search view
  • Purchasing: The line status can now be updated individually instead of only being able to update the entire purchase status
  • Purchasing: The print view now displays a watermark for canceled purchases
  • Purchasing: Added an option on the print view to hide showing serial numbers
  • Autoplan: Plan items for same purchase line, but multiple inventories are now grouped together
  • aBOMs: Updated inventory options for install to not include WIP inventory. This can be toggled on/off for your organization (contact us to change it)
  • Issues: Standardized issue icon across ION. Issue counter now includes two counts for [open issues] / [total issues]
  • Issues: Admins can configure the disposition list and approvals required per disposition
  • Issues: Issues now require approvals by role. All existing dispositions have been migrated over to require "user" role approvals to maintain backwards compatibility
  • Issues: Allowed linking multiple step redlines to a single issue
  • Issues: Issues now release linked redlines when moving from Pending to In Progress
  • Issues: Added "Close By" field. Selecting a step to close by will prevent that step from being started until the linked issue is resolved
  • Runs: Added Organization Settings option to force runs to use the run title template
  • Runs: Added shortcut menu to redlined steps to easily add child steps and steps before/after. 
  • Runs: Added custom attributes to runs
  • Runs: Added dueDate option to run title template
  • Runs: Added Autogenerate Title option to bulk run creator
  • Runs: Added ability to bulk add redlined steps through the Merge to Run tool
  • Runs: Added Scheduled Start and Scheduled End fields to individual steps
  • Procedures: Added Maintenance procedure type
  • Procedures: Improved behavior when copying bullets and lists into the text editor
  • Procedures: Adding columns/rows to tables in the text editor now adds them after the cursor instead of after the last column/row
  • Procedures: Added custom color selector and background colors to text in the image editor
  • Procedures: You can now view part information and part mBOMs as a sidebar while editing a procedure.
  • Procedures: Added custom attributes to procedures
  • Procedures: Added custom attributes to steps. Step attribute data can be edited when editing the procedure and is copied to steps on runs. Run step data can be edited through redlines.
  • Tools: Tools can be made unavailable by moving them to an unavailable inventory location
  • Platform: Added ability to filter by objects assigned to any or no users
  • Platform: Improved uniqueness checks for part numbers, procedures and runs to handle spaces before or after names


  • aBOMs: Fixed the tree view so that it shows the substitute part number when a substitute was installed
  • aBOMs: Fixed bug that did not allow substitutes with same part number and different revision
  • aBOMs: Fixed bug preventing installing parts when aBOM item appears on multiple parents
  • Inventory: Fixed an issue with the inventory history where the wrong person was showing as the creator following a split
  • Inventory: Fixed issue where inventory deletion was being blocked when tied to an aBOM
  • Inventory: Fixed bug that was blocking rearranging columns
  • Kits: Fixed an issue that was blocking partial dekits
  • Kits: Fixed issue preventing typing fractional quantities
  • Kits: Updated kit generation from runs to correctly use the parent quantity when the run is tied to an untracked inventory
  • Receiving: Fixed issue not allowing partial receipts for lot-tracked parts for some cases
  • Parts: The mBOM view has been extended so that it no longer collides with the support chat icon
  • Purchasing: Fixed bug where supplier instructions were not showing correctly on the purchase print view
  • Purchasing: Updated purchase lines to automatically go back to a received status if they were fully received and then edited
  • Purchasing: Updated purchasing so that "Content out of sync" does not show unnecessarily
  • Purchasing: Fixed bug where unit cost was not showing correctly on search screen
  • Plans: Added timestamp to plan item run titles so they are not duplicated when converting plan items into runs
  • Plans: Fixed bug that was not showing inventory items to plan items in the hierarchical view
  • Plans: Fixed bug with Autoplan where it was not properly calculating the quantity for kitted items
  • Issues: Fix bug preventing issues table columns from being resized
  • Runs: Fixed Bulk Run Creator not correctly linking inventory to runs in some cases
  • Runs: Fixed the Copy button not working in some cases in Run Creator
  • Runs: Fixed Merge to Step/Runstep tool not correctly copying over datagrid content
  • Runs: Fixed data entry fields not correctly removing validations when the data type is changed.
  • Runs: Fixed laggy input on datagrid text fields 
  • Runs: Fixed Cancel Run action not correctly canceling nested steps.
  • Runs: Fixed data entry fields showing timestamps when they are empty
  • Procedures: Fixed bug with Autoplan where it was not properly calculating the quantity for kitted items
  • Procedures: Fixed imported  PDFs showing in low resolution
  • Procedures: Numerous small fixes to procedure text editor
  • Tools: Fixed tool importer failing when default part revision scheme is set to numeric
  • Locations: Fixed location view not correctly counting the number of issues at a location
  • Platform: Fixed cases where archived or deleted objects would prevent objects being created with the same name