Release Notes//

Introducing ION Analytics

We're announcing ION Analytics to make your manufacturing process more data-driven than ever. Use data collected from across ION to visualize and report on throughput, critical issues and bottlenecks. Send automated email reports instead of manual status updates. Contact us to deploy ION Analytics in your environment. We are in the process of selecting Pilot Customers for the initial rollout. Please contact us for details!

Training videos and interactive instructions

Automatically create training guides and videos embedded within ION. Reduce time taking screenshots and writing internal documentation and start building your product better and faster.

Made on Assembly and Reference Designators

Build multiple levels of assemblies at once without having to transact components in and out of inventory with Made on Assembly. Specify exact installs and reduce mixups with Reference Designators.


  • Platform: Drastically improved search speed across ION
  • Platform: ION now remembers your preferred selections for barcode printing and run visualizations
  • Inventory: Added ability to see the full location hierarchy for locations on inventory
  • Inventory: Added ability to recursively filter inventory (for example, filtering for all inventory in building TH01 even if it's in a sub-location within the building)
  • Inventory: Added inventory status as grouping option
  • Purchases: Added capability to expand supplier instructions to full screen
  • Purchases: Added custom attributes to purchase search view
  • Purchases: Added "canceled" watermark to the print view
  • Receipts: Added inventory custom attributes that can be edited on receipt
  • Procedures: Highlighting text and then pasting with a URL on your clipboard now automatically makes the highlighted text into a link
  • Procedures: Improved formatting when copying bulleted and numbered lists in from other text editors
  • Standard Steps: Instead of updating to the latest version when executed, Standard Steps now always display as the most recent released version until they are executed. This reduces confusion when seeing old revisions of standard steps in procedures and runs
  • Issues: Added button in the reviews panel to reset all approvals
  • Issues: Added badges in the reviews panel to show what role users used when approving an issue
  • Issues: Added part and serial/lot information to issues table view
  • Runs: Added button to create an issue directly from Run Execution 
  • Runs: Made the sidebar width in runs timeline adjustable
  • Runs: Added automatic warning to users executing runs when work instructions have been updated
  • Runs: Added the ability to make "ad-hoc" runs by not selecting a procedure during run creation. Ad-hoc runs start with no pre-defined steps making it easier to track first article and rework activities.


  • Platform: Fixed multiple issues where parts of the text editor window was overlapping other parts of the application
  • Platform: Fixed multiple issues with adding bullets and pictures inside of tables in the text editor
  • Platform: Fixed cases where certain operations in the text editor were not saving
  • Platform: Fixed issues preventing columns from being rearranged in tables
  • Parts: Fixed issue preventing parts from being deleted in some cases
  • Parts: Fixed mBOM part description not showing until refresh
  • Parts: Fixed error preventing substitute parts from being imported on the mBOM
  • Inventory: "Appears on" for split inventories now shows the issues/runs from the source inventory
  • Inventory: Added custom attributes to inventory export
  • Inventory: Fixed race condition that caused inventory imports to fail when autogenerating serial numbers in the inventory importer
  • Inventory: Fixed case where scrapping installed or kitted inventory could cause available inventory to show as negative
  • Inventory: Fixed part cost column not populating correctly in inventory
  • Inventory: Improved performance speed for deleting inventories
  • aBOM: Fixed manually added aBOM items not showing up in the aBOM side panel in some cases
  • Issues: Fixed the issues list page limiting the maximum size of the columns instead of the minimum size
  • Issues: Fixed the run dropdown on the where found field accidentally selecting the top entry
  • Issues: Fixed bug preventing users from commenting on an issue without also approving/rejecting
  • Standard Steps: Removed validation preventing draft standard steps from being deleted
  • Procedures: Fixed bug preventing copying a dynamic graphic between procedures 
  • Procedures: Fixed bug preventing hyperlinked text from changing color
  • Runs: Fixed the archive and cancel buttons not being active in certain situations even when users have the correct permissions to use them
  • Runs: Fixed step state dropdown not responding until the page was refreshed when the step was failed
  • Runs: Fixed bulk run creator assigning the wrong part number to batched runs
  • Runs: Fixed completion progress bar not correctly counting canceled steps
  • Redlines: Fixed laggy behavior when redlining and rearranging steps
  • Tools: Fixed laggy behavior on tools views