Release Notes//

Scan any barcode, anywhere

You can now scan barcodes from anywhere in ION to instantly get information and jump into a workflow. Don't worry about typing in long ID numbers or searching for inventory. ION can also recognize barcodes from external systems like packing slips or legacy ERPs. Check out the ION manual for for details.

Get notified in Slack

ION now integrates with Slack! Subscribe to critical builds to get instant alerts of progress or blockers. Get notifications of new tasks assigned to you as soon as they're created. Contact us to integrate your Slack workspace.

Merge Inventory

Overwhelmed by removed, returned or split inventory? ION can automatically find matching parts in the same location, combine inventory and print new barcodes with updated quantities! This feature is in beta —  Contact us to enable it.


  • Platform: Added ability to filter by custom attributes
  • Platform: Added undo/redo buttons and expand function to the text editor
  • Platform: Updated lead time filters to use user-friendly units instead of integer seconds
  • Platform: The text field hyperlink widget now appears inline instead of the menu bar and indicates what hyperlink is attached to text.
  • Procedures: Added ability to individually rearrange list items in procedure instructions
  • Procedures: Graphics inside the procedure instructions graphic editor can now be made transparent by setting the graphic color using hexadecimal
  • Procedures: The PDF page importer tool now supports importing page ranges like "1,2,3-5"
  • Runs: Tools can now be built on runs. When creating a run, tools will have a "Tool" badge in the part picker to disambiguate from parts.
  • Runs: ION will automatically detect URLs in string fields and make them into hyperlinks
  • Runs: Added button to remove all runs from a batch
  • Runs: Standard steps can now be redlined after they have been started
  • Runs: Making an issue from a run no longer redirects you to the issue
  • Runs: Non-admins can now reopen steps. This is a beta feature - contact First Resonance to turn this on
  • Issues: ION will pre-populate the approver panel with required approvers after you select a disposition
  • Tools: Added tool subtypes to the tools importer
  • Kits: Tools can now be added to kits
  • Kits: Inventory barcodes can now be printed from inside a kit
  • Purchases: The part field on a purchase line can now be blank for recording services or untracked goods
  • Parts: Added an importer to bulk import Part<>Procedure relationships
  • Parts: Added Export Control field to the parts importer
  • Parts: Added organization setting to make revisions of part numbers interchangeable when called out in Kits, mBOMs and aBOMs
  • Inventory: The inventory location now gets updated based on the run step workcenter when steps are put In Progress
  • Inventory: Inventory status now considers WIP state to be higher priority than in Kit state. Inventory linked to a run but also in a kit will now display the WIP status instead of Kitted
  • Inventory: Sort by serial number now uses natural sort order, i.e. sorting "A1, A2, A10, A11" instead of "A1, A10, A11, A2"
  • Inventory: Added inventory ID to the inventory importer, allowing for very precise bulk changes to inventory
  • mBOM: Added Total QTY counter to items the mBOM view to properly reflect quantities multiplied through the hierarchy


  • Platform:  Fixed dragging a PDF into a rich text field erroneously displaying a preview
  • Platform: Fixed  "@" tags and review requests not actually notifying the indicated user in some cases
  • Procedures: Fixed clicking on procedure instructions text counting as an edit.
  • Procedures: Removed procedure instructions auto-formatting input like "-1-" to "--" and similar
  • Runs: Adjusted the calculated status of runs without any steps from "Complete" to "Todo" to be less confusing
  • Runs: Fixed condition where standard steps in batched runs would sometimes not be executable.
  • Runs: Fixed issue where the "create issue" sidebar in Runs would not populate the run and step number correctly
  • Runs: Fixed 404 not found error when clicking on run execution in a batched run or run without any steps
  • Runs: Fixed the congratulations screen on run completion not appearing in certain situations
  • Runs: Fixed the "Leave Feedback for Procedure" checkbox not working in fast run execution mode
  • Runs: Fixed issue where the "create issue" sidebar would not appear when in fast execution mode
  • Runs: Fixed the run issue count not always accounting for issues open on substeps
  • Runs: Fixed copying in a substep via redline sometimes not appearing in the correct place
  • Tools: Fixed error message when attempting to search the tools library
  • Suppliers: Removed character restriction on supplier phone numbers
  • Parts: Removed erroneous "USD" labels on cost columns with configurable currencies in Part Library and Part Inventory
  • Parts: Fixed the Part and User custom attribute types on parts not updating correctly
  • Inventory: Locations on installed inventory are no longer hidden
  • Inventory: Fixed inventory table view column order resetting after refreshing the page
  • Purchases: Fixed cancelled purchase order lines being counted in the order total