Release Notes//

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."

–Alan Watts

tl;dr: ION ACTIONS, Runs are 10x faster at workcenters, bookmarked views, and much more!

Dear champIONs, 

On behalf of civilization, thank you for creating the technology that advances the boundaries of human possibility. In the spirit of continuously accelerating your manufacturing journey, we’re excited to highlight the latest improvements in ION!

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Please contact the First Resonance team with questions/feedback, and be sure to check out the ION Feature Portal to see/upvote upcoming features! ⬇️

Lights, Camera, ACTIONS!


Introducing a giant leap toward the programmable factory of the future: ION ACTIONS! Actions allow you to program logic (e.g. validation rules) into your factory using code, expanding engineering possibilities in your factory, programmatically. This is the start of something BIG.

Help us, help you, build ACTIONS!

If you’d like Actions deployed, please answer:

  • What business problem would be solved by your Action and
  • What is your proposed solution (e.g. which conditions should warn/block an ION user?)

Some pre-built Actions ready to deploy upon request:

  • Prevent a Procedure from reaching ‘In Review’ status if:
  • Steps don’t have dependencies
  • Steps don’t have locations filled out
  • Prevent an Issue ticket’s creation without required fields
  • Prevent an Issue’s closure without conditionally required fields
  • Require managerial approvals on Purchase Orders based on the dollar amount ordered
  • Procedure submission to “In review” is only allowed by user with specific permissions

Runs are 10X faster, optimized for workcenters

Do you operate “high-volume” work cells with multiple runs? Are you tired of slow performance and clicks to move between steps while working on multiple parts?

Introducing the beta release of our next-generation Runs, an order-of-magnitude level-up in performance (literally 10x faster)! We’ve built Runs orientated around the work center; enabling technicians to navigate seamlessly between runs. This update also introduced a new design language for ION – cleaner, faster, and more productive.

Bookmark collections views

Have you ever spent 5+ minutes meticulously hand-crafting just the right slice of data, only to lose it with your cache refresh? Bruuuutal. It’s okay, all pain is an illusion.

ION now saves your filters, sorts, group by, and columns into a “smart” URL. You can favorite the page for later, or share it with others. It works on every collection view!

Check out this image ➡️ for ideas on favoriting the *curse* out of views. When sharing views with co-workers, you’ll want to highlight a word, then Ctrl+K (hyperlink existing text), the URLs are like ~2k+ characters long.

Team approvals and assignments

Need an entire team share approvals? Will somebody be out of office? You now have the ability to assign a Team (group of users) to:

  • Issue approvals
  • Run-step sign off
  • As Issue assignee (also a new feature)!

The first-come team member is logged as the approver in transaction history. You can build Teams in Settings/Members/Teams. Team-based approvals will eventually deploy platform-wide!

Multiple inventories on issue

The definition of insanity is creating a separate Issue ticket for every part on Issue. Now, you can list out as many parts in inventory on a single Issue as you’d like. Our next step on the Issue journey is assigning multiple runs from a batch to a single Issue. More to come!

Performance improvements

We’ve made numerous tweaks to improve the speed and reliability of your work in ION. Below are the top five most improved transactions.


  • Inventory - New location type: “shelf'
  • Inventory - Show on-order quantity on kits
  • Inventory - Add success toast when creating new inventory from modal
  • Inventory - Add barcode label printing to the location screen
  • Issues - Add “assignee” to an Issue, and view it in Collections.
  • Issues - transaction history added
  • Issues - Add Issue ID to issue notifications
  • Issues - “Step where the issue occurred” -> “Step where the issue was found”
  • Parts - Selectively hide the ability to update the part revision scheme
  • Parts - Inventory Importer added cost column on update inventory
  • Parts - Copy over reference designators when up-reving part
  • Platform - Filters - consistency in naming convention of “Is” -> “Equals”
  • Platform - Allow filtering by team/user assignee
  • Platform - Emails from Staging and Production now distinguishable
  • Platform - Improve typing in Dropdown interfaces
  • Purchases - automatically release Purchase Order PDF
  • Runs - Datagrid - updated editability when footer buttons are used
  • Runs - Datagrid - 5x performance improvement!
  • Runs - Added part description to run title template
  • Runs - Added lot number and custom attributes on bulk-run importer
  • Runs - Added part description to run title template
  • Runs - Notify user of the run being added into batch


  • Inventory - scanning barcode "navigate to item in inventory"
  • Parts - Side Pane now only shows the latest version of mBOM's items
  • Platform - 2-factor authentication reliability improvements
  • Runs - blur save now activates when using arrow buttons to add/update field value
  • Runs - Datagrid: unresponsive Signoff toggles
  • Runs - Datagrid - mobile - Lag and unexpected data changes when touching signoff/checkbox cells to scroll
  • Runs - Run Step Assignment now sends a notification
  • Runs - Made on Assembly(MOA) - kitted parts are not showing in the install dropdown