Release Notes//

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."

–Albert Einstein

tl;dr: Significant performance improvements in parts/inventory workflows, Datagrids upgrade, mBOM versions, custom attributes on tools.

Dear champIONs,

We’ve made strides in the load time performance of key workflows in ION, particularly Datagrids and the inventory view.

Visit our Feature Portal to see released features, get to know our roadmap, and upvote proposed features that steer ION’s direction. +1 for Democracy!

Run Forrest, RUN! 10x faster datagrids! 100x faster Inventory workflows!!

Left side: former performance | Right side: new and improved!

As your factory has more parts, so goes the load time of the Inventory page (when aggregating with Group by). We feel your pain, so we tore out the engine block and installed EV motors! Give it a spin You won’t be disappointed!

Are Datagrids slowing you down? We’ve revamped the entire experience with fast, shiny new components to put the joy back into the creating and populating of Datagrids.

We're tracking 10x to 100x improvements in load times. WE ARE FOR REAL.

It's a BOM feature (mBOM versions)

Enabling grape as the superior jelly.

You iterate parts and procedures, so why not mBOMs? Now, edit, approve, and version your manufacturing Bill of Materials from their part library record. They will automatically propagate to outstanding runs. Watch the GIF and accept that Grape jam is superior to Strawberry. Don't even argue. DO IT.

Simplified issues when performing batched runs

When you have an issue when building a batch, ION now allows you to create just one issue to track all the items in that batch. You now avoid multiple Issues for a single batch, cutting down on Issue proliferation.

Custom attributes on Tools

We’ve opened the part library’s custom attribute selections into the Tools library, so you can better track the assets of your factory.


  • PLATFORM - Filter, Sort, Group, in that order, on all collections views
  • PLATFORM - Custom attribute values can be set to 0
  • RUNS - Run signoff field more intuitive

By request:

  • PURCHASES - require role approval based on the amount $ ordered
  • PURCHASES - require requester (custom attribute) to approve
  • RUNS - Enable issue creation at the creation of runs in a batch
  • RUNS - Block run completion if the aBOM isn’t completed


  • ISSUES - Generating an issue on every run in the batch now pulls in the inventory for every issue generated
  • PARTS - $0.0 can now be entered into the cost field
  • PROCEDURES - Collections refresh immediately after procedure creation
  • RUNS - Exporting a run now triggers email properly
  • RUNS - Timeline filter for Run ID now enabled