Release Notes//

"The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step."


tl;dr: 40+ improvements to the user's experience and a major Run Execution & aBOM update!

Dear champIONs, 

We appreciate the importance of a reliable, quick-loading, low-friction, user experience. We’re chipping away at those pain points which hinder the production of your next-gen technology.

Below are those improvements and an update on a giant initiative. It’s an honor to be on this journey with you!

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You dropped aBOM on me!

A complete overhaul of our aBOM infrastructure and Run Execution 2.0 update!

The as-built bill of materials is the digital breadcrumb trail of everything you’ve built; the backbone behind features like “part-step association,” “% to run completion”, “wayback time-machine” “remove & replace.” We need to get these features fundamentally right, which is why we’re dedicating the next four months to building its architecture and the Run Execution screens that interface to it.

Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, you can watch a prototype of part-step association as seen in our shiny new user interface here:

Get AI-powered answers from the ION user manual! 


  • Reducing the default columns of your table views dramatically reduces their load time!
  • You can deploy ION ACTIONS (rules) from the integrations page
  • Every lion has a unique set of whiskers (similar to human thumbprints)

Chrome shortcuts into ION

Know the RunID, IssueID, PurchaseID, ProcedureID you’re seeking? No need to navigate to it from the table view, just type it in your browser URL address! 

First, navigate to Chrome settings > searchEngines > site search > Add

  • Fill out three fields
  • Search engine: the name displayed on your URL bar  (e.g. ion runs)
  • Shortcut: the keyboard letters you type before entering ION’s id (e.g. run)
  • URL with %s in place of query: the space you’d enter ION’s id # for Run, Issue, Purchase, etc.
  • NOTE: If applicable, use the prefix: “”)
  • The next time you enter your URL bar, type e.g. “run <space> 123” Chrome will drop you right in there!
  • Pro tip: Alt+D on Windows, Cmd L on Mac


  • PROCEDURES - Copy from a standard step template, and modify it
  • RUNS - the ability to batch and unbatch runs in a bulk action
  • RUNS - bulk approve redlines in the same batch


  • INVENTORY - dramatic performance improvements to Kit fulfillment (from both inventory & runs)
  • PARTS - enabled custom attributes on Tools importer
  • PARTS - “Available Inventory” column in parts library view
  • PARTS - “Create mBOM” button (for parts without one)
  • PARTS - importer accommodates hours, days, weeks (not only seconds)
  • PLANS - allow status changes (e.g. completed > in progress)
  • PLATFORM - remove defunct locations from lookups on Run/Kit/Inventory with “archive” status
  • PLATFORM - staging instance now has a different color sidebar panel
  • PLATFORM - enable text searching in custom attribute lookups
  • PLATFORM - dramatic performance improvements to Locations’ view
  • PLATFORM - confirmation prompt when removing attachments
  • PLATFORM - avoid the need to refresh the table view when a new record is added (Procedures, Parts, Locations, Procedure-Step Dependencies, Roles)
  • RUNS - enable admin clock out of Run-Step via API (mutation.checkOut)
  • RUNS - adding a Run to a new Batch no longer redirects you to the Run Execution (stays on the Runs table view)
  • RUNS - allow updating of multiple runs with a single API mutation (ingest a list of UpdateRunInput on mutation.updateRuns)
  • RUNS - exporter can now handle files > 4gb
  • RUNS - improved UI of step signoff field (approve, select user) 
  • RUNS - loading time of the Runs table view is vastly improved (results limited to 20)


  • AUTOPLAN - fixed allocation of MOA quantities
  • INVENTORY - Barcode scan of an item now navigates to its inventory instance properly
  • INVENTORY - “Appears on” is now a click over; avoiding the unbelievably annoying disappearing hover over
  • INVENTORY - partID now populating on the export csv
  • PARTS - disallow deleting an mBOM item on a released mBOM
  • PARTS - importer no longer overwrites custom attributes with null values
  • PLATFORM - updating a user’s role now updates in the application without refreshing
  • PROCEDURES - standard steps now require full approvals
  • PROCEDURES - reset approvals when standard step reverts to DRAFT
  • PURCHASES - entering quantity before part number now instantiates inventory record creation
  • RUNS - procedure column now renders in table view
  • RUNS - timeline view now lists child steps properly under its parent
  • RUNS - input and formatting issues from iPAD fixed
  • RUNS - Datagrid now allows negative numeric values
  • RUNS - exporter now renders a run’s ID without “Runs ID:” prefix
  • RUNS - can now navigate to child standard step from Summary screen