Release Notes//

Numerical field validations

Numerical field validations allow you to set limits on your procedure fields. They will be automatically checked during run execution. If any of the conditions are not met, ion will automatically fail the step and create an Issue.

New inventory manager

Inventory just got important functional improvements, like serial and lot-tracking. In addition, the interface is more compact, has improved search filters, and has keyboard shortcuts to help you move faster when managing all of your parts and materials.

Procedure labels

You can now apply one or more labels to your procedures to help you keep better track of them. Procedure labels are applied across all versions of a procedure, and ion remembers your procedure filters in the procedures dashboard. Labels help keep your company organized and teams focused on the procedures that matter to them. Try applying multiple labels – by department, project, product line, or process.


  • Numerical field validations for Procedures
  • Serial and lot tracking for inventory
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Procedure labelling for better tracking


  • Compact interface for inventory
  • Search filters adjustment