Release Notes//

aBOM builder and visualization (beta)

The aBOM (as-built bill of materials) allows companies to track exactly what was built, down the serial and lot number, and visualize the as-built configuration in a powerful way. The aBOM visualizer also brings in a link to the run any given node was built on.

SQL connectors to power analytics and reporting

Use your ion data to plug into your favorite BI, analytics, or data science tools to generate insights to help your team fix problems and improve your manufacturing process and product designs.

Signoffs in your todos

It's all about the little things. Your ion dashboard Todo list now shows signoffs required by any in progress steps.


We improved the UI/UX of the new inventory manager and added some proactive security features in the background to catch threats before they become problems.


We fixed an image loading issue in the content editor, added the ability to move child steps across parents, made some fixes to the execution interface, and more!