Release Notes//

Inventory kitting

In addition to getting your process and team ready to build, ion now allows you to issue parts to your runs. Select specific serials or lots from inventory to use in a run so you're ready to build. Inventory will automatically decrement. If you already have your inventory in ERP, another inventory software, or spreadsheets, ask us about the ion importers.

New GovCloud region to support ITAR compliance

ion now has a specific ITAR-compliant GovCloud instance to help users stay ITAR compliant. We also continue to implement security features to help keep you secure beyond ITAR compliance.

Improved aBOM viewer

We improved the aBOM viewer to be make it easier to navigate and added more data in each aBOM node's card, so you can quickly know how something was built, by whom, and when.

UI/UX improvements

By popular demand, you can now delete a procedure if it was never used on a run. This is in addition to being able to archive a procedure. We also added a prefix to indicate a parent/child relationship for steps. Specifically, a child step is now labeled with its parent step's position. For example, "Step 10.3"