Release Notes//

New inventory manager

The new inventory manager allows you to navigate your inventory with powerful groupings and filters. Use the additional filters to see what you have in stock, what's in WIP, and what's been installed. The inventory manager allows you to quickly jump to the assembly or the run a part is built on.

Autogenerate serials, track quantity, and follow parts

The run creation form now allows you to automatically generate a new serial for a new part you are building. You can also define multiple quantity for non-serial tracked parts. Runs are integrated with ion's aBOMs, so the trace is retained for a given part even across multiple builds, issues, reworks, and servicing.


  • Show only available quantity and filterallocated inventory
  • See the % of an aBOM that is completed during run execution
  • Links to quickly navigate from runs to parts
  • Hide child steps until a parent is selected in the procedure view to avoid having to scroll through a very long list of steps and child steps
  • Helpful browser tab names based on where you are in ion
  • Added a sign up button to allow new users to quickly sign up for ion
  • Improved security with separate TLS certificates across public and GovCloud environments


  • Begin step button is now at the top of the step
  • Upload multiple files at a time in the run execution view
  • Default serial-tracked items in inventory to have UOM of "each"