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Try ion with your team, and use the new features built for manufacturers like you to scale up connected manufacturing at your company.


Workcenters allow you to manage your process flow and track capacity and utilization throughout. Engineers can set up workcenter routing in procedures, and production can plan ahead by managing the production schedule by workcenter. Workcenters will help your team plan together and manage utilization for more productive and efficient building.

Nested steps (operations)

Managing complex flows is hard with a flat list of steps or a generic ticket management system. Nested steps allow you to logically group your procedure steps. Use one step that will happen at a given workcenter, and group important steps together under that step to get your manufacturing done logically.

Issues (non-conformance) beta

Beta users now have ion Issues turned on. Issues allow you to keep track of manufacturing non-conformances and set a disposition. Whenever a step fails in manufacturing, an issues is automatically created. Work with your team to resolve the issue, and as soon as it is, get your builds moving again -- automatically and transparently.


  • Workcenters for process flow management and tracking
  • Nested steps for Procedures
  • Issues for beta users