5 Ways Next Gen Manufacturers Are Accelerating Innovation

Next-gen manufacturers are redesigning factory floors to enable tighter, more timely communication between engineers and technicians. By leveraging technologies that empower real-time collaboration, they’re getting ahead by making iterations and improvements during a build, across the production line at scale. Realizing this level of agility means they can move from prototype to development more quickly than their legacy counterparts because they can make adaptations in the moment. And a minimum viable product (MVP) doesn’t need to be perfect to get started. They can learn and make adjustments as they go which speeds up the production cycle and their delivery timelines.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how the most innovative hardware manufacturers are re-envisioning factory floor operations and what you can learn from their revelations  including:

  1. Why a factory tech stack is becoming a critical differentiator for integrating emerging technologies and how to build one
  2. Ways to adapt quickly when the unexpected occurs on the factory floor
  3. How to leverage tools to increase collaboration during production to improve the quality of your products
  4. Automating the as-built record of a product to facilitate true traceability, protect profit margins, and accelerate product evolution
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