How Legacy Tools Are Failing Manufacturing Engineers

For years, manufacturers have relied on legacy software that was originally designed to support what is now an outdated factory model. Having invested so much time and expense in long implementations, the idea of migrating to a new MES has forced companies clinging onto old technology to address the gaps through clunky workarounds, double data entry, and spreadsheets. Because of this, they've had to spend more in labor to keep up with their emerging peers.
The problem is, the old manufacturing execution systems of the past are still prevalent in the manufacturing software marketplace. Because of brand recognition, they're still successfully promoting what is essentially software built for the past (with tech debt too expensive to fix), that is unable to adapt to the needs of a modern factory. But, if you don't know what to look for, it's easy to get fooled.
In this ebook, you'll learn how new natively cloud MES providers are providing flexible solutions where data is accessible and easy to extract, and connectivity makes it possible to connect an entire factory floor for more efficiency and scalability with an eye toward the future.

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