Build a future-ready tech stack in this on-demand webinar. You’ll discover the key ingredients for a robust and scalable tech stack, ensuring your factory is prepared to leverage the principles of smart manufacturing. Our speakers, Karan Talati (CEO of First Resonance), Rob Pakalski (CEO of Datum Source), and Heatherly Bucher (Director of Strategic Alliances at Arena, a PTC Company) will explore the transformative potential of utilizing top-tier tools in today’s manufacturing operations. 

From parts procurement to predictive maintenance, manufacturers now have access to a wide range of digital solutions designed to enhance efficiency. While the concept of a single all-encompassing tool might be appealing, the reality is that achieving Industry 4.0 requires a set of best-of-breed integrated tools working together. Discover how interconnected workflows can help you stay ahead of the competition and optimize every aspect of your manufacturing process.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The most critical platforms for complex manufacturers including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Operations Management, and Procurement Management Software
  • How these platforms interplay and integrate within the manufacturing ecosystem to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • How to evaluate the interoperability of your current technology ecosystem, ensuring that all tools work together harmoniously to streamline operations.
  • The value of open APIs and how they enable connectivity across the factory floor, facilitating integration and data flow between different systems.
  • How the right integration strategy leads to the availability of structured data  that results in more informed, real-time decision-making that accelerates production, reduces waste, and increases profitability

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