Dive into the world of manufacturing data and its pivotal role in optimizing factory processes. From tracking labor and assembly times to monitoring quality approvals and modifications, every data point holds immense value. In this webinar, discover how enhanced data visibility can address challenges faced by manufacturers, from traceability during recalls to identifying the root cause of critical failures. 

Join Amy Bryson, Contributing Lead Editor of SME, and Karan Talati, Co-founder and CEO of First Resonance to hear how today’s manufacturers should be looking at maximizing yield and accelerating innovation cycles by analyzing the data they’re already producing. He’ll share how the factories that he works with are achieving cohesive and accessible data streams that are helping them gain a competitive edge.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to unlock valuable factory floor metrics essential for making informed decisions and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Strategies for swiftly integrating engineering, supply chain, and quality control functions, consolidating fragmented data into a unified and accessible platform.
  • Ways to improve quality and accelerate innovation cycles by automating data exchange between production lines and engineering teams.
  • The pivotal role of APIs in establishing interconnected factories and facilitating seamless data synchronization among machines, robots, and systems.

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