ion Execute
Streamline execution from initial design through full-scale production.
Production scheduling
Plan your production process and sync your team
Assign and schedule runs to keep your team on track. Plan your process accounting for available material, workcenters, and team members. Manage predecessor/success relationships for complex assemblies and processes. As new data becomes available from your team or machines, access it immediately so you quickly respond and improve.
Flexible Runs
The traceability you need, without the overhead
Make quick changes with flexible in-process redlines to maintain traceability without slowing your team. Runs keep track of any deviation from the original plan. Use that information to continuously improve and report as-built information for regulatory qualification and certification.
Never lose track of your Procedure versions
Collaborate with your team with powerful version control and reviews to make sure the right instructions, drawings, and data collection goes to production. Keep track of exactly which version was used for which part, and avoid shipping faulty hardware by quickly containing and recalling right from ion.

Continuously improve your designs and processes

Use data from R&D and prototyping to production and beyond to fuel continuous improvement of designs and processes

Identify bottlenecks in your production schedule and get alerted about anomalous behavior from your engineering data, before they become problems

Access global data views and team dashboards

Use ion’s analytics engine to connect data visualization tools like Tableau & Looker

Track your inventory down to the floor and out the back door with ion’s Parts Manager

Keep track of multiple inventory locations and  WIP parts

Create or upload mBOMs

Manage your supply chain by quickly tracing parts back to suppliers

APIs and automation
Bridge the gap between human and machine workflows
  • Bring your machines, tools, and IoT devices online with ion’s APIs and SDKs

  • Integrate your existing equipment and workflows with ion's open API

  • Queue automated analyses within Procedures to automate redundant analyses and workflows

  • Coming Soon: ion SDK to connect to your existing Python and LabVIEW workflows


ion Use Cases

ion enables flexible data-rich workflows leading to up to 40% savings in time and engineering costs

Build & Assembly

Manage your assembly processes and provide engineers with easy-to-use user interfaces and APIs to collect data from technicians and machines for quick and informed decisions during prototyping and full-scale production


Automate report generation to prepare for regulatory certification, audits, and campaigns.

Supply Chain

Track your inventory, including the mBOMS for your parts, and provide engineers with data on part quality, serial location, and supplier yields.

Test & Validation

Streamline R&D, in-line, or end-of-the line tests and produce contextualized test data to identify anomalies and quality defects.

Maintenance & Repair

Organize and schedule your maintenance and repair processes to keep your team in sync with downtime and overall product schedule impacts.

Product Development

Maintain traceability and act quickly on data generated throughout the product development cycle ahead of production ramp up. Catch issues before they become problems.