ion Trace
Unparalleled traceability from the front door to finished product.
As-built Bill of Materials
See exactly how your hardware was built
Keep track of which parts were used to build your assemblies and subassemblies up and down multiple levels of your BOM. ion’s unique aBOM (as-built bill of materials) structure keeps track of how your product was built – down to the serial and lot-level. It even keeps track of changes over time, so you can replay how your vehicle came together and track down issues fast.
Inventory management
Keep track of all of your parts and material
The inventory manager helps you keep track of thousands of parts. Quickly sort, filter, and group your parts to keep your factory flowing reliably. Inventory ties directly into ion runs and aBOMs, so you can track your parts beyond inventory - into production, installation, and operation.
Material Issuing and kitting
Always be ready to build
Issuing material and allocating parts for your builds shouldn't be a hassle. Stay on the same page as your team by creating kits for your builds using your available inventory. Don't fall behind because of part shortages ever again and make sure your production team is ready to roll with the parts they need.