ION: The Factory Operating System (OS)

Accelerate the shift to open manufacturing


Traditional manufacturing tools were built for mass production, not highly creative and iterative development. Rigid and prescriptive, they force you to play the game by the vendor’s rules.

If you’re spending hours creating elaborate hacks and workarounds, it’s time to embrace a better, more sustainable way.

ION lets you tear up the rule book.

Shape how you work, the data you see, and how systems talk to each other. Start making your own rules to innovate faster.

Setting the Gold Standard in Manufacturing Security and Compliance

At the core of the manufacturing industries we support lies a critical need for compliance with intricate regulations and unwavering data privacy standards. Whether we’re working with an aerospace company with defense contracts, a medical device manufacturer pioneering breakthrough advancements, or an emerging climate tech leader, safeguarding highly sensitive information is crucial for their continued success. That’s why we’ve designed ION Factory OS to support a seamless flow of sensitive production data that ensures not only regulatory adherence but also the safeguarding of highly confidential information and intellectual property. 

To deliver on our promise of exceptional security in our manufacturing software, our solutions are deployed in GovCloud environments for maximum compliance and reliability. Our software is also deployed in FedRAMP environments, reflecting our commitment to meeting rigorous government security requirements. 

We maintain SOC 2 certification and adhere to ITAR regulations, ensuring stringent data security and privacy standards. This blend of certifications and deployments is the reason we’re the choice of fast-growing hard-tech innovators with complex compliance requirements.

ION DELIVERS Instant Value

ION is highly customizable and extensible. A turnkey software platform that seamlessly molds and evolves in complex operations. Rapid set up and onboarding enables you to execute faster, plan better and continuously analyze factory performance.


Execute at speed
Let engineering and manufacturing teams define how they want to work. Give them all the information they need, when they need it, all from one place.

  • Customizable workflows
  • Automate repetitive manual work
  • Obtain end-to-end visibility in real time
  • Create as-built traceability from purchase to operation


Plan with precision
Connect inventory and supply chain to factory floor. Automate your planning to build products with data-backed assurance you’ve got everything you need.

  • Automate runs and purchase creation
  • Automate resource allocation based on demand
  • Automate processes via streamlined workflows
  • Automate status updates on product journey


Illuminate your operations
Gain unparalleled visibility into every corner of your operations. Leverage objective data and real time insights to back hunches, gut feelings, and suspicions.

  • Identify root causes impacting production rates, quality, and costs
  • Calculate true cost of production
  • Assess historical data and trends for accurate forecasting
  • Baseline current performance to track progress


Factories are changing to adapt to a new era where data has the power to transform hardware manufacturing. So, don’t let your legacy software restrict you. Learn how ION Factory OS can help you embrace an open manufacturing platform that's designed to scale with you.

Designed by engineers for engineers, ION Factory OS reflects the nuance and dynamics of rapid, iterative production where traceability is critical.

Complete the form to book an initial call to discuss your current production challenges and what you are looking for in a solution. Once we understand your requirements, we will schedule a date for a customized demo that addresses your specific needs.


Legacy manufacturing execution software has made important strides in helping us to manage our work more efficiently. But as complexity has increased—the work, the data, the technologies—yesterday's software providers are struggling to keep up.

Discover how you can untether yourself from this outdated approach and lead the way.
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