Deliver hardware with confidence

Meet ion,  the factory operating system engineers and technicians trust for speed, collaboration, and real-time production visibility.
ion is a software platform built for mission-critical hardware companies. ion combines data across your people, time, and materials, so you can ship hardware quickly and reliably.

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For mission-critical manufacturing
  • From R&D through delivery, ion’s intuitive work instructions, flexible scheduling, and nimble parts manager help you track what’s important and continuously improve—so you can scale production to the next level.

    It's manufacturing software, made smarter.

Conquer your production challenges

Innovate without stopping production

ion helps you keep up with the demands of continuous iteration. Built-in versioning and approvals ensure your team is always working off the latest processes—all while capturing data from R&D through production, allowing you to quickly improve products.

Trace critical parts and data

Traceability is vital—yet tough to implement. By tracking the people, time, and materials involved in each unit coming off the line, ion creates an "as-built" record, helping you trace the complete genealogy of your products.

Join disconnected data

Tired of tracking down data across your team, equipment, and systems? ion is built to deliver searchable production data, and the flexible API integrates with your other platforms so that you decide how ion best fits your tech stack.

Unleash your manufacturing potential

At First Resonance, we believe a bold generation of manufacturers will change skylines, lives, and perceptions of what's possible.

We built ion to be scalable, flexible and robust—a factory operating system to empower today's builders and propel the world  forward as you build a brighter tomorrow.

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